The child beat the street Lao Tzu This is what the wind! Sohu –

The child beat the street Lao Tzu? This is what the wind! Sohu – mother first, let’s look at a few news headlines, the woman refused money, irrigation two times with children who silver, with the body overnight, 16 year old granddaughter beat the street seventy grandma, grandma, unfilial daughter pulled hair 14 years old girl street even fan a slap on the face, father ten 10 years old boy refused to buy toys, hard pinch mother neck, pull hair slapped, until the promise, Shanghai discovered child’s slave, mother, 15 year old boy when the stool refused to Internet money teenage daughter, the threat of a knife against mother’s neck…… Previously, father and son, son of Lao Tzu speak, only listen, without the slightest defy, but listen, otherwise, treason and heresy! Now, son father father, son Lao Tzu only speak, listen, without the slightest defy, but listen to, otherwise, cuff and kick! Indeed, in the past, we are under the influence of Confucian culture, some fealty piety culture, needs to be improved, after all, no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, who is the only way to listen to anyone. Democracy, freedom and opening up, but also let our thoughts, more and more open, more and more diverse. However, the phenomenon of children beaten elders, more and more frequent, it should not cause reflection? Many people will have such an idea: when we were young, no conditions, now, I want to give you the best! When I was young, I wanted nothing. You are so happy now! Including the hit show "little separation", everywhere we can see the parents’ psychological compensation. So, why do we feel so good to children, why I Taoxintaofei for his sake, finally, but in exchange for a Baiwenhang?? This is the concept of excessive doting, one but it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, parents spoil the child, rather than the parents of their child is not fond of compensation. A lot of people will say: we didn’t have anything when you were a kid, you have everything; some people will say: now there are only one or two children at home, not for them, for whom? Out of something, who takes responsibility! In fact, these words are said to listen to their own. As a parent, when he was a child, had been a lot of suffering, due to various reasons, can not meet the needs of their own hearts, missing, in addition to material, as well as love. Q: it may grow up, economic independence, you can buy yourself something fresh. However, you see the people around, especially in the elderly, they always live frugally, you buy clothes, he used to buy you a half a year; to eat, he said too much…… In contrast to their grandchildren, eat, eat hard, buy, can buy, play, play hard. Did not see the slightest bit of love. This contrast is the old man behind the eyes of children, as a child of their own, continue to meet, continue to let the child at the mercy of the meet, is not the real demand in front of the child, but how many can meet the needs of the inner child. If you…相关的主题文章: