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The classification of family heating? Note home heating? – energy – original title: classification of family heating? Note home heating? Home heating is a winter heating method generally choose, especially in the south, through the difficulties in the family can make a lot of families avoid damp and cold in winter the pain. Now home heating is also a variety of ways, the scope of their choice is also growing, the following together to understand the classification of household heating and household heating matters needing attention. The classification of family heating way? 1, central heating central heating at present in China are mainly concentrated in the northern and southern minority communities, the heat source through the pipeline unified transfer to every family, to bring convenience to residents, residents need to pay a monthly fixed uniform heating costs, is one of the most stable family heating mode guarantee. However, heating time and temperature of each household can not be adjusted, which also caused a huge energy consumption and the lack of personalized. Restricted by the conditions, the central heating can not be generalized, but also to allow more southern residents began to seek other family heating. 2, the radiator radiator is through the heat cycle through the radiator pipeline transmission to achieve the purpose of heating, central heating area did not become the first choice for residents, the price is not expensive, the advantages of quick heating effect by many families of all ages, the user can according to their own want heating room, choose the installation location, heating time, heating temperature even the radiator style, but the need to be exposed in the room the bulky appearance and easy to cause heating effect is not uniform, gradually in the home user to start out. 3, air conditioning both cooling and heating air conditioning heating, for many families the most easy way of heating, heating and air conditioning development will undoubtedly bring home heating has brought convenience, but also eliminates the need to purchase additional heating equipment spending. But for a long time by the air conditioning and heating, not only large power consumption, but also from the hot transfer, easily lead to uneven heating, often only feel warm, but still feel cold feet, in comfort or just passable. 4, through the ground floor heating to warm the pipeline, and the implementation of some family heating effect, is one of the most comfortable home heating mode, which does not occupy the indoor space, and uniform heat dissipation constant, especially through the boiler installation, implementation of home water heating and hot water double enjoyment both. Environmental protection and energy saving, and 24 hours of hot water, is a new way of family heating. But the initial installation cost is not cheap, and concealed installation requirements is out of sync with the new home decoration, but also restricts the wide range of ground heating in the ordinary family in popularity. Household heating notes 1, the calculation of heat load. For the design of heating, heat load calculation is very important, this is the basic design of the heating system; 2, the choice of heating system. According to the analysis of the room and heating of the whole building, floor heating system using warm water to determine the appropriate or proper electric heating; 3, according to the layout design of the room)相关的主题文章: