The corporate culture behind overtime a sense of belonging and future pretty rhythm

Work behind the corporate culture: "the new network belonging" and "future" choice between – eleven holiday, "worker’s Daily" the reporter interviewed Hangzhou Beijing Shenzhen three different sectors of the workplace people work overtime, work overtime to explore the corporate culture behind the ecological. For the company, "I’ve never had a weekend since I entered this company!" "I’ve never had a weekend since I entered this company!" Since last year’s entry, Xiao Xu in Hangzhou, a listed film and television company to experience what is called a year off". October 1st evening, more than 7 points, was originally a dinner time for most people, Xiao Xu was in the sleep. This holiday season, he still has to be closed in the company rented apartment to write the script, vacation for him out of reach. Busy no time to find a girlfriend’s sad, outsiders really difficult experience." Xiao Xu said with a wry smile. "Although I don’t want to work overtime, but in the final analysis, I still want to make some achievements." Xiao Xu told reporters that in recent years Beijing Film Academy graduate students after graduation, some students do a writer, writing after the TV broadcast caused a heated debate. Some students focus on online drama production, has little success. "In our industry, the more work we do, the more resources and experience we have, so it is difficult to control the work within 8 hours, as in the traditional industry," he said." Therefore, the eleven holiday overtime, both for the company, but also for their own, or forced out of". As previously in the Beijing film company is doing well, and overseas work experience, so small in the coming film company listed as a senior project manager. Some film and television companies are focusing on the production of content, and more emphasis on publicity and distribution, each company’s business philosophy and corporate culture are not the same." "I’m better at talking, and I don’t have the heart to let the rest of the people work for me. If there is a surprise assignment, or something is not going to happen, I usually don’t do it for the junior." Despite the hard work, but he and his staff relations are very harmonious, very good work. In Xiao Xu’s view, in the current industry and the company, labor relations and salaries are very flexible, it is difficult to use overtime work to calculate the timing. For example, I now have a project on the average cycle is one year, only their own work overtime, in order to early results, get the commission." Xiao Xu said, although overtime is very helpless, I do not want to work overtime every day, but one can not change an industry. When dealing with customers, we must do a good job, we must work overtime to complete, otherwise there is no way to mix up." "This holiday, is destined to be reversed day and night." Although the feeling of "the body is hollowed out, there is no time for love, or to Xiao Xu for their own future" fight ", although very tired, even the heart tired. Sense of belonging so that overtime is not tired, overtime is their own initiative to choose, we have to make a heart, the process is very happy." "Every holiday is the busiest time for our marketing department, but I never work at Baidu"相关的主题文章: