The experience of the past life in the game, the 80 year old old man keen on soul of darkness

In the game of life experience of the past Japan’s 80 year old keen "soul of darkness" editor in chief: whether it is below the "Black Ghost uncle", or previously on YouTube, "the Elder Scrolls granny", these people in the seventy years of age still stuck to their love of the game, but the ordinary flow length. Indeed, from the news point of view, regardless of the media or the audience, more love those "stimulus" hot "" controversial "topic. But as the old man said, when the player is old, the most precious thing is their memories, their experience of the game, as well as the joy of harvest. Do not know how many players, from the old man who saw his future look like? Related reading: the history of the oldest foreign anchor 80 year old grandmother live game Super 300 79 year old grandma recorded video game play every day for half an hour does not meet nearly one hundred thousand fans of 79 year old grandmother live "old roll 5" "radiation 4" Japan’s 79 year old love game like most "dark soul 2" in Japan Osaka, the name of a man with three, at the age of 80 operating a barber shop, and keen on "soul of darkness" and other difficult games and an interview with the Japanese media, and then by the netizen called "Black Ghost uncle". It is reported that the old man at the age of 60 to PlayStation for the first time to experience the fun of the game, then get out of hand. In addition to the game, he has other hobbies such as photography and models. Black soul uncle, said: favorite or FromSoftware (dark soul series of developers), because they do not serve the spirit of the players, an inattentive will have to start again. The deepest impression is playing "the demon soul", in order to bring down the Dragon bow and crossbow shooting for 3 hours." But the old man in a series of "FromSoftware" Armored Core not too cold, perhaps because the mecha and science fiction set hard really resonated with him. As for the collection of the game in the room, he said that all customs clearance, and he also on the "Love Live", "girl and chariot" and other new animation. The old man said in the room all game clearance to play, and he is also on the "LoveLive", and "the chariot" girl emerging animation entertainment has a very high interest, even collect disc. You are really a Japanese! Through the old man’s game records can be found, he is currently the most popular game is the soul of darkness 2, and is challenging multi week. However, due to the soul of darkness 3 in the PS4 platform release, so he also began to consider replacing hardware devices. Also, do you know if he is going to buy PS4 or PS4 Pro? Finally, when a reporter asked him what time the game bring benefits, he said at this age often start to think about things in the past, in the game scene as if he had to travel as actual in memory, when playing "ICO" was really crying..相关的主题文章: