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The figure of "beauty", not just a "bean clean"… Sohu, science and technology article Shashi beep misread listed on the road, the figure is not enough "beauty"? This week, the United States formally submitted to the HKEx IPO application, plans to raise $500 million to $1 billion. This is a matter of onlookers scattered flowers, but the media pointed out that the United States nearly 6 billion 300 million consecutive years of losses of nearly $three. For three consecutive years of losses, or a large amount of $6 billion 300 million, depending on the economic value of the United States to break the beauty of the picture, the road seems to be difficult to go to Hong kong. Prospectus shows that the United States and the United States nearly 3 and a half years of losses of, of which the first half of 2016, a loss of $2 billion 200 million. According to Mei’s view, if you do not consider convertible redeemable preferred stock fair value loss, in this calculation, the United States was founded in eight years, only a loss of $1 billion 138 million. How much does not have to lose a lot of money, anyway, the loss is the fact, in fact, nothing, more than and 10 years of non profitable Jingdong can still successfully listed, the market value of more than $50 billion. Compared with a loss, financing data of Mito is also very rosy, $5 million, $55 million Angel round A round, B round of $115 million, $190 million C round, D round of 136 million, "money" will of course have to make money, some "trick" beauties. Show the beauties of the prospectus, which is the main source of revenue for the intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone, Angelababy is the endorsement of beauty! 2013, the United States involved in the mobile phone business, has launched a total of 7 models of smart phones, in 2015 Mito mobile revenues accounted for more than 89.9% in the first half of 2016 accounted for more than 95.1%. A price of about $2000 Mito mobile phone, the average profit of not more than 400 yuan, was the vast majority of u.s.. Intelligent mobile phone competition to enter Dead Sea, Mito mobile phone self portrait artifact on profitability, competitiveness is expected in 2017 earnings as can be imagined, beautiful figure, smooth profit? I wish…… After the listing, with 446 million users Mito, whether it is relying on electricity providers, AR or live video, still have to continue to find support for the growth of performance. After all, it is not enough to rely solely on beauty. Watercress finally made a big news, watercress to start making movies. As a China Internet stream, watercress this young artists gathered, finally to help their own advantages force. Before the popular TV drama "Romance thirty-three", "my friend Miss Chen Bailu" are watercress network text adaptation. The accumulation of more than twenty thousand authors and more than 8 thousand exclusive works, watercress reading started this year efforts in the direction and content of culture. Watercress is the first time to test the water short film, a hero, has been screened at the Shanghai film festival. Science fiction "chasing the sun man" rights sold to millions of new beautiful pictures, watercress movie will participate in the joint production, the Ministry of science fiction essay group first prize works on screen. Founder of the North said, "the basis of this step is to read in the past few years, in the author’s creative direction of unremitting efforts and the accumulation of solid content, but also to read the contents of the commercial side?相关的主题文章: