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The first round of 12 career Zheng Zhi a sigh in the back of this pot of Oolong he? Zheng Zhi accidentally scored an own goal Phoenix sports news Beijing time September 1st 19:002018 World Cup qualifying round 12 match started, Chinese soccer 2-3 away defeat to South korea. In the case of 0-3 behind, Yu Hai and Hao Junmin 3 minutes into the 2 ball, but unfortunately failed to tie the score. The campaign, veteran Zheng Zhi into the starting lineup, the whole game, Zheng Zhi’s performance is fairly stable, but he is an own goal, let people sadly sigh. Zheng Zhi is 36 years old, occupation career had in the Premier League battles, also won the Asian Footballer of the year, and won two China footballer, it can be said that he is one of the best players China active. But the entire career, Zheng Zhi has not yet participated in 12 (10) strong game, which makes veteran full of regret. This thought, Zheng Zhi’s long cherished wish for a lifetime can not be achieved, but Gao Hongbo gave Zheng Zhi the opportunity, and in the game the first entrusted with the task. It is very unlucky, the Korean team scored the first goal, is Zheng Zhi’s own goal. Twenty-first minutes of the game, the South Korean team won a free kick, sun Xingmin quickly in front of the crossing, Ji Dong won shakes Leipzig, Zheng Zhi after the ball hit the ball into the China team goal, as Zheng Zhi’s own goal. But for Zheng Zhi, this has little relationship with him, because the ball is too fast, too close, Zheng Zhigen would not dodge. The whole game, the 36 year old Zheng Zhi tried his best, even if the final stage of the game, he is also desperately chasing back defense. In the unlikely to become the first case, Zheng Zhi get the opportunity to play in the team, China 0-3 behind the case, Zheng Zhi inspired the team to stabilize the morale of the troops, although the final 2-3 unfortunately lost, Zheng Zhi also lost the ball on the first grain of responsibility, but Zheng Zhi and other teammates, has been doing the best. The 2006 World Cup qualifier, Chinese team in the China victory over Hongkong, still failed to qualify for the round of 10. That game, Zheng Zhifa lost a penalty. So far, Zheng Zhi is still very upset. Today, the country into the 12 (10) strong race, Zheng Zhi back pot, which apparently makes Zheng Zhi feel depressed. Fortunately, this is only the first leg of the 12 National Games, Zheng Zhi has the opportunity to redeem themselves. Guest Seoul, although 2-3 lost, but the country has kicked out their own strength, but also proved their ability. The next game, Zheng Zhi and national foot a fight, the Chinese team still has a chance. (Zhou Kai)相关的主题文章: