The first set a small goal for Liu Yifei to learn nuozha wear sweaters xpphone

The first set a small goal for Liu Yifei said nuozha said: good wear sweaters lead autumn Tim clothes, in addition to the last few seasons recommended style, more do not want to fiddle with the style of lazy baby will directly over a…… It’s not going to be very thick, but now it’s knitted. However, with a knitted coat goose autumn is very convenient but easy is the fact that the knitted garment is the fact out old-fashioned feel, how to break? (content source: Amy) how to wear thin sweater knitted coat, not only can make the baby live early autumn weather can make you sometimes hot and sometimes cold, in the fall of various art fan: Sweater collocation guide is actually some ancient flavor that he put after the knitting coat is so theatrical…… Actually some ancient flavor… With a knitted coat… Autumn is very convenient but easy is the fact that the knitted garment is the fact out old-fashioned feel, how should be broken? For you (and I) don’t knit jacket bottom, weave to throw down the following skills Keypoint 1 can not buckle buckle Tim clothes to keep warm or pose? Sorry, the latter compilation series. The ancient taste of knitted jacket is largely from the appearance of the button. Just the old goddess Angie Chiu there is a positive and negative demonstration: Angie Chiu left: Knit Jacket fasten the buttons, not only is very conservative, will also figure into 55 points (× right): knitted coat, a black dress is more tall and confident. (V) obviously, knitted coat usually wear good-looking not hypocritical, is not buttoned up: Kirsten Dunst wearing black sunglasses, wearing a beige sweater, knitted coat in a yellow dress size Kirsten Dunst clock miss not fasten buttons, thus completely does not affect the height of the elongated breasted denim skirt. Miss Zhong Lu shoulder or shoulders to wear more lazy, is to pose, to hit me ah ~ Strapless wearing sweaters not a button without warmth and sense of security, a sense of real sister paper, melon recommend with a belt to replace, not only does not appear to be conservative cramped, can once again make the waist. Sweater collocation belt Keypoint small knitting coat 2 long long enough to pull bombers wearing Linjiaxiaomei the same, want to have some difficulty in the crowd. Enough to pull the bomb, the coat is still long enough to create the effect of their own fans. Liu Yifei VS Wang Ou left: wearing a grey sweater, a blue shirt and pants hole Star printing, at a glance just a passer-by, don’t remind you see fairy sister? Right: Wang Ou cowboy dress shirt + White Knit long coat, long out of two levels, plus other cartoon baseball cap more prominent. (V) when not autumn, a long knit coat dress collocation, the length of the contrast will let the body look more tall. Keypoint 3 or the most important in front of the knitted jacket相关的主题文章: