The first win the Premier League in Crystal Palace 4-1 victory over Saint Storck season (video)-瀬名アスカ

The Premier League review – Crystal Palace 4-1 victory over Storck saints first victory of the season [] report Chelsea home court 1-2 against Liverpool Costa broke to help Southampton win Tencent Savior Austen break sports September 19th Beijing time September 19th morning, 2016-17 Premier League season fifth round continues, the Crystal Palace home court 4-1 victory over Storck City, Townsend pass, Macarthur shot, Dan and Tomkins score; Southampton 1-0 Swansea Liqin home court to get the first win of the new season, Austen replaced the accomplishment. Tottenham, Manchester United 3-1 Waterford 1-0 sunderland. Crystal Palace 4-1 Storck city of Crystal Palace in the last round 2-1 defeat away to Middlesbrough, get first win of the new season, the city of Storck in the 0-4 defeat at Tottenham at the foot of home court, the new season 4 victorious. This service, Crystal Palace continues to drain the single arrow the Turk, Townsend and Zaha wings, Ledley and Macarthur in midfield. The city of Storck, Boni front, Bojan behind Walters and Anaotuoweiqi wings. Eighth minutes, Zaha pass, Peng Qieyong peripheral foot volley ball. Ninth minutes into the game, Townsend kicks out the door, Tomkins outflank break, 1-0! Crystal Palace is home to the lead, which is Tomkins’s first goal for Crystal Palace. Eleventh minutes, Peng Qieyong pass in the corner, Dan post header nets, the game was 2-0! Nineteenth minutes, the Turk ball, Peng Qieyong peripheral left foot volley, Shay wrecker. Twenty-second minutes, Boni try long shots hit the ball the partial periphery. Forty-sixth minutes, Delany replaced the injured Tomkins. Seventy-first minutes, Crystal Palace kick open area, not far from the guards, Macarthur restricted left side across 2 defenders right foot volley, leading Crystal Palace home court 3-0! Seventy-fifth minutes, Kelly back off the ball, the ball Townsend bolted 40 meters before the forbidden area, clever escape defenders right foot shot break, 4-0! This is Townsend’s first goal for Crystal Palace. Ninety-fourth minutes straight, Boniface was blocked by a defender, follow up Anaotuoweiqi peripheral right foot tuishe, 4-1! The city of Storck in the face of the goal, the final 4-1 victory over Crystal Palace in the home court, nearly 3 rounds of their 2 wins and 1 draws unbeaten 4 game losing streak, potter. Crystal Palace (4231):30- Mandanda 2- Ward and 5- Tomkins (27- 46′, 6-‘), Kelly Ledley (Dan 34- 16- 4- Flamini 78′, 18- 10-) Macarthur Townsend (14- Li Qinglong 85′), 42-, 11- Qieyong Peng Zaha 17- of the Turks (4231):24- Amsterdam City Shay 20-, Cameron 15-, 17- di shocr Ross, Glen 8- – Johnson 4- Joe Allen, 6- 19-, 27- Walters Whelan (18- Diouf 68’), "10- 12- 1-0 Anaotuoweiqi Boni Southampton Swan southwest Southampton season still have not won, while Swansea has 3 consecutive round wins. The campaign, Lei Demeng, Sean Lang and Tadic composed of Trident, Stephen – Davies, Luo Meiwu and west 3 carat build midfielder)相关的主题文章: