The focus of the fourth quarter car preview is not finished after the golden nine silvers ten (video

The focus of the fourth quarter car preview is not finished after the golden nine silvers ten winter, cold weather, car city but is very lively, past the golden nine silver ten is still more than temperature reduction, will soon be listed 5 pound vehicle: 1 Mazda CX-9 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) domestic, this high value. SUV in addition to the "soul" shape, the biggest bright spot is equipped with 2.5T Chong Chi blue turbo engine, and launched 7 models, it is looking forward to the termination of the Highlander (cf. distribution, pictures, inquiry) price behavior; 2 Cadillac CT-6 in China and Native American sales are far behind the Ashkenazi three BBA. The other a decline of American luxury brand Lincoln Lincoln, how about the new Continental Lincoln city can create brilliant; 3 new mark 4008 interior design style inherited the fighter cabin, appearance More in line with the Chinese aesthetic, there should be a good performance; 4 new Corre (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and trail (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) as from the CMF platform, but the dynamic performance can only 2.0L and 2.5L two engines that use 5.GL8; "not big brother for many years" the new Buick GL8 to back a son. Enjoy the 2017 Mazda CX 9 and Mazda. A new generation of 7 SUV CX-9 in this year’s Beijing Auto Show (micro-blog) official exhibition, learned from relevant channels, the new CX-9 will be in the FAW Mazda (micro-blog) domestic, equipped with the 2.5T engine, the future will be with the TOYOTA Highlander bus type competition. The new generation of Mazda CX-9 using Mazda soul movement design concept, the appearance of the interior are full of family style. As the hood is more slender than before, so the body line is more smooth and young. The new CX-9 using 7 seat design, wheelbase 2930mm, 140mm longer than the TOYOTA Hanlan guarantee, ample interior space. The new CX-9 is equipped with a series of 2.5T Skyactiv turbocharged engine, the power output reaches 186kW (253PS), the maximum peak torque 420Nm. The match is 6 speed tiptronic transmission, and optional four-wheel drive system. A new generation of Mazda CX-9 in North America took the lead in the market, the sale price of $31000 (about 200 thousand yuan). Mazda official said that the annual sales of the new generation of CX-9 is expected to be 50 thousand, of which the North American market supply capacity of 80%. With the warming of the 7 models, Mazda also hopes to quickly seize the domestic market CX-9. Recently, according to the first news, the new Lincoln Continental Continental will be officially listed in November 28th. The new car in the positioning of large luxury brand cars, will be the flagship of the Lincoln family debut. Competitors locked Mercedes Benz E class (with the Senate, pictures, inquiry), BMW 5 Series (with the Senate, pictures, inquiry), Audi A6L (Senate, pictures, inquiry), etc.. According to previous reports, the pre-sale price of 420 thousand yuan. Appearance, the new Lincoln Continental Continental uses.相关的主题文章: