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The former Mafia chiefs killed   son-in-law, the murderer? – International – Rocco in Toronto Canada? Has killed the family. (Internet) Canadian police said in January 30th, the former Mafia gangster Rocco Zito? A day ago at his home in Toronto was shot dead. Domenico suspects? Scopelliti subsequently surrendered to the police, the Canadian media identified the suspect is the victim’s son-in-law. [Mafia] leader of the Canadian police 29 days later received the alarm call, rushed to a house in Toronto, found an elderly man fatally shot, died. The investigators did not disclose the names of the victims immediately, but police sources have confirmed that the deceased was Rocco tsito?. Xinhua International Understanding of the client, its 87 year old, born in Italy in 1928 after moving to Calabria, canada. "Getter Ende Lan" mafia. (Internet) according to the Canadian media that was entrenched in Italy Zito southern province "a LAN Getter" Mafia "organization senior member, the Mafia is Europe’s largest cocaine cartels, global reach. According to reports, the branch was associated in the United States of New York and Canada, Montreal and other places with its "Ende LAN Getter" Mafia, is a Canadian Mafia Crime leader. Son in law? Canada] "Toronto sun" reported that the Toronto police found the dead after the night of the killing of suspects its manhunt. The suspect Domenico scopelliti?. (Internet) around 29 midnight, Domenico, 51, surrendered to the police. He was dressed in orange prison suit, and made a brief appearance on the 30 day. He was faced with first-degree murder charges. Police have not released any details of the case and scopelliti motive, but also did not specify the relationship between the owner and the suspect. However, the Canadian media identified scopelliti is its son-in-law. At present, the scene, the housing is still Zito police cordon. The residents in the vicinity of an unnamed scopelliti said, and his wife, daughter and two of its children are living in the house. Another neighbor said he had lived in the neighborhood for 30 years, and its own in this life time and at least as long as the age of Joe, he looks very healthy. According to the "Toronto sun" argument, for scopelliti suspected of murder by a court examination held in February 12th, in this process, the suspect will continue to be detained. 前黑手党大佬遇害 女婿系凶手?–国际–人民网   罗科?齐托在位于加拿大多伦多的家中被害。(互联网)   加拿大警方1月30日说,前黑手党大佬罗科?齐托一天前在其位于多伦多的家中遭枪击身亡。   嫌疑人多梅尼科?斯科佩利蒂随后向警方自首,加拿大媒体指认,该嫌疑人是遇害者的女婿。   【黑手党头目】   加拿大警方29日晚些时候接到报警电话,随后赶到多伦多一处住宅,发现一名老年男子身受致命枪伤,经抢救无效死亡。   调查人员没有立即公布遇害者姓名,但警方消息人士确认,死者是罗科?齐托。   新华国际客户端了解,齐托现年87岁,1928年出生在意大利卡拉布里亚,后移居至加拿大。   “恩德兰盖塔”黑手党。(互联网)   按加拿大媒体的说法,齐托曾是盘踞意大利南部省份的“恩德兰盖塔”黑手党组织“高级成员”,这一黑手党是欧洲最大的可卡因贩毒集团,触角遍及全球。   据报道,齐托与“恩德兰盖塔”黑手党在美国纽约和加拿大蒙特利尔等地的分支均有关联,是加拿大黑手党犯罪活动的头目。   【女婿所为?】   加拿大《多伦多太阳报》报道,发现死者后,多伦多警方连夜对杀害齐托的嫌疑人展开搜捕。   嫌疑人多梅尼科?斯科佩利蒂。(互联网)   29日午夜左右,现年51岁的多梅尼科?斯科佩利蒂向警方自首。   斯科佩利蒂身着橘黄色狱服,30日作短暂出庭,他面临一级谋杀罪指控。   警方暂未公布任何案件细节以及斯科佩利蒂的作案动机,也没有指明遇害者与嫌疑人之间的关系。   不过,加拿大媒体指认,斯科佩利蒂是齐托的女婿。   目前,案发现场、即齐托的住宅仍被警方警戒线封锁。   一名不愿公开姓名的附近居民说,斯科佩利蒂和他的妻子、即齐托的女儿以及两人的孩子也都住在这间房屋。   另有邻居说,自己已在附近居住30年,而齐托在此生活的时间至少和自己一样长,对齐托这个年纪而言,他看起来很健康。   按《多伦多太阳报》的说法,针对斯科佩利蒂涉嫌谋杀一案的下一次庭审定于2月12日举行,在此过程中,该嫌疑人将被继续拘留。相关的主题文章: