The fourth quarter or change fund promising high dividend blue chip and PPP theme dxperience

The fourth quarter or change fund promising high dividend blue chip and PPP theme – reporter Cao Chengyu last week A stock market was recovered in line but although funding has been active, lose after having got it, but market sentiment is not high. Fund managers believe that in the short term will continue to maintain a range of shocks, the fourth quarter may lead to change the disk factor. This is still a structural opportunity, promising high dividend blue chips, PPP and other financial and policy hotspots. Growth stocks in the information security, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other aspects of the layout is still worthy of long-term. The fourth quarter is an important window of time Huaxia Fund chief strategist Xuan Wei said, over the medium term, the market will remain rangebound stock, the pattern of the game to break easily, A shares underpinning factors still exist, the market downside risk is limited. First of all, the real economy is still in steady growth pressure, monetary policy by asset bubbles and currency factors, although it is difficult to loose the marginal improvement, but the overall easing liquidity environment does not occur in the direction change, low interest rates and asset shortage situation, the stock of assets still have configuration value; secondly, the United States the Fed rate hike in the month of September the probability is very low, is expected in late September rate hike alerts are resolved, global asset prices continue to usher in the breathing window period; finally, since the second half of the reform is to accelerate the reform of state-owned enterprises, the supply side, the reformation of the market will bring opportunities to the local hot spots. In the future for a period of time, the fourth quarter will be more important time window, especially the November election results come out, after the annual central economic work conference, the market will appear larger changes. China life insurance security fund fund manager Li Jie think, to break the box must have three opportunities: one is corporate earnings appear significantly improved (upward breakthrough) deteriorated again (break down); the two is the mobility of environmental change; three is a larger perturbation of other external factors. He is cautiously optimistic about the market. The stock of the game, a clear trend of opportunity there is some uncertainty, but is still relatively loose monetary environment, the categories of assets expected income is not high, equity market after adjustment, have a certain appeal, structural opportunities still exist. Structural opportunities to consensus structural opportunities have been a consensus in the market. Cai Jianjun, deputy general manager of research and development of China Merchants Fund believes that the current market liquidity easing Marginal Diminishing Effect, but the stock is still ample liquidity state, therefore, the market will be a lot of structural opportunities. High dividend blue chips become the focus of the configuration. Xuan Wei believes that in the process of the interest rate downward, can produce the stable cash flow of listed companies will usher in the revaluation, to the steady growth of the high dividend blue chips should be focused on the scope of allocation within a reasonable valuation. Cai Jianjun believes that due to the existence of stock liquidity ample, asset shortage is inevitable, but the asset shortage is higher yielding assets, so high dividends to underestimate the value of blue chip will be the asset allocation of insurance and other large institutions preferred. In addition, he is also optimistic about the fiscal policy in the direction of the force, "PPP related infrastructure, environmental protection and other areas of investment logic is clear, the next period of time, probably from PPP decided to protect the stability of growth." He said. Still part.相关的主题文章: