The harvest magazine will be the first mainland Eileen Chang posthumous form the love and

The "harvest" magazine will be the first mainland Eileen Chang posthumous "form" the upcoming or recently listed the "harvest" issue will be published in autumn and winter long volume "and" Eileen Chang’s posthumous table in the headlines, the 20000 words, as the first mainland. A special issue of the "harvest" Winter 2010 Vol. 199, Shanghai scholar Chen Zishan Eileen Chang discovered some old school, and published the "young Phoenix New – new found Eileen Chang" little "a". Eileen Chang saw the article, triggering the idea of her writing. As Eileen Chang wrote in the essay at the beginning, the reason, I am writing in recent years is too small, rare, there are enthusiastic people to find out my high school some shady little, published, I read often ironic. A recent report is the school yearbook, a graduating class of students love table. I fill in the table is the most afraid of death, hate the most talented girl early marriage, the love of Edward VIII, the most favorite roast pork fried rice. After half a century seems very awkward, at the end of a more complete stranger. Need to explain, so in the broken pottery unearthed in such a lot to petty and stale gossip." She spent two months writing essays "and form", but has never finished off. In September 8, 1995, Eileen Chang in the United States in Losangeles, she had died, according to the testator, all the heritage kept by Mrs. Song Qi, including a large number of posthumous manuscript. After Mrs. Song Qi died, his son Mr. Song Yilang as a literary executor, have been published the "border town" revisited, screenplay "an unforgettable", "June bride", "young classmates are not cheap novels", "little reunion", "pagoda", "book of changes", "strange" etc. posthumous. The summer of 2015, Mr. Song Yilang asked the Hongkong scholar Mr. Feng Xiqian helped organize the "love table" draft. According to Feng Xiqian’s "love table" in writing, reconstruction and significance of the manuscript origin and review of the literature "in this article recalls:" Eileen Chang’s manuscripts, published in recent years, has been fully published, only small part of the manuscript. Two, in the summer of 15, Soong gave me a draft of Eileen Chang, let me help. At that time the draft not only according to the size of paper, arrange text in proper order, color and type (such as the envelope or letter) a classification, content to author past, but very fragmentary. Because each page are illegible, Soong can preliminarily draw paint everywhere, including a manuscript, or "form" prose, but the original order is unknown, do not know the number of pages. He boldly speculated that there may be unfinished in his later years, Eileen Chang, "Reunion" prose. I according to the draft and other clues to distinguish from twenty-six pages, then the order, part of the successful reconstruction "and form"." After reconstructing the "hate table" (Chinese English version) first published on Taiwan "engraved literary life records" in 2016 seventh, the "harvest" magazine editor in chief Cheng Yongxin immediately to the "engraved literature annals" authorised "will form" simplified Chinese version of the Chinese has first appeared in the "harvest" from the long winter volume. The "harvest" magazine published "or form" series. Mr. Feng Xiqian personally according to the consolidation and reconstruction experience, put forward:)相关的主题文章: