The introduction of Zhengzhou city land price limited details of the racquet midfield fuse default f jinshen

The introduction of Zhengzhou city land price limited details of the racquet midfield fuse default reporter Chen Jun core tip | heavy penalties after several "spoilers" and "net", all concerned about Zhengzhou land market to people looking for "the racquet rules" was finally officially released yesterday evening. At six in the afternoon, the Zhengzhou municipal government official website, one by the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government Office issued a "Zhengzhou state owned construction land use right (residential) online listing price bidding procedures" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures") of the documents is the hidden website details column "the boudoir", or by many people to pa out". "The ‘flour’ prices have a" ceiling "," severity "of the word," bread "luanzhangjia justified." After reading the new rules, a real estate person with "flour", "bread" land prices and the relationship between metonymy and their judgment of the trend for the future housing prices in Zhengzhou. At the same time, from the racquet land "transfer" of Zhengzhou City Land Resources Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the Municipal Land Bureau) the news that Zhengzhou had focused on the launch of the 6000 acres of residential land will usher in intensive listing this month, and is expected to usher in the centralized transaction period in mid December. Detailed rules also depends on the actual operation, specifically how to do, but also need to look at the reality of the operation." Real estate practitioners, said mr.. Shoot into "on the second half," read the document Dahe reporters found that in the "Interim Measures" clearly wrote, the state-owned construction land (residential) (hereinafter referred to as the residential land use rights transfer process) principle is divided into two aspects. The first part is the use of Zhengzhou city land resources online trading system (hereinafter referred to as the racquet online bidding system), the limit is reached to second links; second links for a site or an online auction auction. The second part, Zheng Dong District, Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone under the jurisdiction of a competitive integrated real way to determine the land competing range; jinshuiqu, Guancheng Hui District, 27 District, Zhongyuan District, Huiji District, Zhengzhou high tech Zone (hereinafter referred to as the five areas of the city and the New District) within the jurisdiction of taking over land to determine land competing. So, the first and second links how the transition? "Shoot rules" also clearly stipulates that any bidder in the auction system reported net (GK) price for the first time to residential land starting price 150%, the racquet offers suspension system. The bidder will be from the first part of the "first half" into the "second half" for further competition. Referring to the current popular argument, the file will also be the 150% critical point named "fuse point". Since the Mid Autumn Festival "at the most expensive land" and "Zheng Jiutiao" midnight after the introduction of numerous real estate professionals are looking forward to the follow-up of more detailed rules to come. Last night, the rules to shoot the introduction of Zhengzhou’s residential land with the next step to shoot more detailed specific rules. The day after the formal land market in Zhengzhou "auction mechanism" into ", the second half", and "whistle" for the "fuse trigger point". To the price put on the hoop for the Zhengzhou land market has never had a "second half", the Interim Measures also have.相关的主题文章: