The Italian media exposure Chinese Caiguan will take over AC Milan 600 million euro price for power -boee

The Italian media exposure Chinese Caiguan will take over AC Milan 600 million euro price for power Sohu Benitez received Chinese consortium offer sports   after Thailand Regal Mr BEE bought AC Milan news made Berlusconi tried to raise a Babel of criticism of, but the Rossoneri sell things completely flow. However, old shellfish has found new potential buyers, according to the Republic newspaper said: "an enterprise from China may become a new acquisition unit in Milan.". In fact, all the operations that Mr. BEE bought in AC Milan are expected to be completed around Christmas, but so far there has been no substantial progress. Italy media pointed out: Mr. BEE’s takeover of Milan was a complete failure. And a quote from Chinese companies was very interesting to Berlusconi. The Chinese company is willing to take over the Milan club at a price of 600 million euros, but the offer will make Berlusconi think carefully. After all, the proposal put forward by the Thailand Regal is to take 48% of Milan’s shares at a price of 480 million euros. The quotation of this Chinese enterprise has a big gap with that of the Thai merchants. However, Berlusconi’s "Fininvest" group lost 94 million euros, this year can only try to pull out 50 million euros to fill the deficit, the remaining losses need Berlusconi to fill their own. The old hope to get rid of Milan as soon as possible, so that the deficit is filled by the new owner. (Bourbon) 意媒曝中国财管将接手AC米兰 6亿欧报价盼掌权-搜狐体育 老贝收到中国财团报价    此前泰国富豪BEE先生收购AC米兰的消息闹得沸沸扬扬,但是贝卢斯科尼试图将红黑军团出售的事情则彻底流产。不过老贝则找到了新的潜在买家,据《共和报》透露:来自中国的某企业可能成为米兰新的收购单位。   事实上此前BEE先生收购AC米兰的一切操作预计在去年圣诞节前后完成,但直到现在也没有任何实质性进展。意大利媒体指出:BEE先生收购米兰的事情彻底失败。而一家来自中国企业的报价让贝卢斯科尼非常感兴趣。   这家中国企业愿意以6亿欧元的价格接手米兰俱乐部,但报价则让贝卢斯科尼还需要仔细斟酌。毕竟此前泰国富豪提出的方案是以4.8亿欧元的价格拿下米兰48%的股份,这家中国企业的报价与泰商的报价还有不小的差距。   不过贝卢斯科尼旗下的“Fininvest”集团亏损9400万欧元,今年只能努力掏出5000万欧元来填补亏空,剩余的亏损额则需要贝卢斯科尼自己来填补。而老贝则希望能够尽快将米兰脱手,让出现的亏空由新东家来填补。   (波本)相关的主题文章: