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The mainland "street people enjoy the hot events in track and field sports interest – Beijing, China News Agency, Xi’an, September 3 (reporter Zhang Yichen) in recent years, with the" street "for the game in the growing mainland athletics territory, and become the people in close contact, feel the charm of the track and field athletes in new ways. 3, "Chinese track Street Tour (2016 men’s long jump of XiAn Railway Station)" held in Xi’an has 600 years of history in the Ming City wall. This event as a single event of high level track and field in the mainland, highlighting the theme of the street, the choice of the city’s landmark buildings, squares and other places, the contestants are Chinese players. In the Rio Olympic Games long jump China player Wang Jianan, happy Dragon, Huang Changzhou 3 games to compete in the XiAn Railway Station. Track and field is known as the mother of sports, it represents the most basic human physical quality – speed, endurance, strength. In recent years, with Liu Xiang as the representative of a group of people in the international arena Chinese track continued success, the mainland people impression of track and field greatly improved, but also made some track and field items gradually gathered popularity, such as the marathon around the vigorous development, knowledge and experience of running enthusiasts has accumulated than the previous increase and upgrade. Chinese General Administration of Sport Center Deputy Director Wang Dawei said that in recent years, Chinese athletics in the world championships and the Olympic Games have made a historic breakthrough, China athletics also actively explore the new direction for the reform of the event, event is emerged in this background. "Track and field" event set sports, health, fashion, music and other elements as a whole, to highlight the theme of track and field culture, promote the development of track and field industry is of great significance. According to the reporter, in recent years, the mainland in the street, and China District Campus keywords of track and field events began to increase, such as the 2014 China jump tournament held at Tsinghua University in 2015; China track and field men’s pole vault elite competition in Beijing business district the place by May 2016; China track Classic Games women’s pole vault at the bird’s Nest Olympic Cultural Square curtain June 2016 Chinese; track classic at the Nanjing University of Technology. The track and field events gradually began to "down to earth". IAAF President Sebastian?, once said, will solve the track and field events are too complex, lack of coherence and attractive problems, and will vigorously promote the track and field competition held in the streets in the main city of the world, to expand the influence of the athletics and participate in the crowd. According to reports, "the characteristics of street track and field" includes a comprehensive stadium museum instead of Traditional Games held in the streets of the city, District, landmark and in other places; games to individual; game to close to the people show the charm of the track and field events. Wang Jianan said that he had participated in the "track and field" event in foreign countries, the audience closer to the audience from the game, the environment is more relaxed, more likely to arouse the athletes want to perform. The competition also has "play" and the performance of the mentality. "As a ‘night run’, I occasionally participate in a number of marathons, but for some track and field events, ordinary people相关的主题文章: