The man about the car to the poor phone driver suspected fraudulent use of its number about 50 times queer as folk

The man about the car to the poor phone driver suspected fraudulent use of its number about 50 vehicles – Beijing – reporter Zhu Jianhao correspondent Chongwen he read | yiyanbuge figure was about 50 times the car. Yesterday, from Shanghai Hou help to the newspaper, the day before yesterday 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., his mobile phone had been calling and texting, calling him about the car on the Internet, on the night of 60 calls, 160 sms. Query about car records, Mr. Hou found that the original is people using his mobile phone number for him about the car, how is this going? Hello, sir. I’m the owner of your appointment. Where are you now, when can I leave?" The day before yesterday evening 9 points, a man claiming to be easy to use the car driver, called Mr. Hou about the car, ask the departure time and place. Mr. Hou confused, he did not at all about cars. After explaining to each other, Mr. Hou call easy to customer service phone, canceled the order. This is just the beginning. When doubts, Mr. Hou’s cell phone rang again, but also about a network of car drivers concerned about mr.. Mr. Hou after some explanation, and cancel the order. From 9 o’clock in the evening to yesterday morning at about 1, Mr. Hou’s cell phone so breath came to the phone, text messages to the 160 of the 60. Answer the phone, explain, contact the customer service to cancel the order, then answer the phone, explain again…… Busy night, Mr. Hou exhausted, until 5 in the morning, and the driver calls. "Please, pull me black!" In order to terminate the farce, Mr. Hou contact customer service, customer service requirements will be pulled into the black list. But customer service, said the car is not Mr. Hou, but someone with his account about the car, the phone is mr.. Mr. hou to see about the car according to the message, message written about car mobile phone number, it turned out to be his "see light suddenly". Mr. Hou said, "the help of Mr. Hou about the car not to mind taking the trouble" of the people, but also a network of about two car driver, was in August 28th because of problems occurred in dispute about the car. Mr. Hou said, the evening of August 28th, he arrived at Xinzheng International Airport by plane, after landing on the bit about the car, ready to go to Zhengzhou East station. A white Volkswagen car received a single, driver Zhou master took Mr. Hou on the airport high-speed. Driving, the master of the week to persuade Mr. Hou, do not pay by car software, to pay in cash. The taxi pulled a 150 yuan, I don’t want much, plus tolls 120 yuan." Zhou master said. But Mr. Hou refused to pay in cash, he said to the master Zhou, according to the rules of the car software billing, to the destination, the software shows how much money on how much money. Two people do not agree, the master will be parked in the car on the highway. Due to time constraints, Mr. Hou worry about missing high-speed rail, and repeatedly urged the week master driving. Two people arrived in the high speed rail station, drops showed 78.5 yuan, Mr. Hou paid 78.5 yuan, and in the week of the master’s request, to pay 10 yuan as a high-speed toll. Zhou master’s practice, so that Mr. Hou is very angry, after the completion of the assessment of the payment, out of five-star satisfaction, Mr. Hou only gave a star, and indicate bad service attitude".相关的主题文章: