The man will be afraid of theft million cash inadvertently burned stove-纪元1701

The man will be afraid of theft million cash fire oversight burned man afraid of the money stolen fire more than 10000 hard money into a pile of ashes western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter Xue Jiaqian Wang Ximin) there are two days on the new year, from Hubei to Xi’an to work at the moment but master Yang cry is the Heartbreakers, where he made a year of hard money has turned into a pile of ashes. Master Yang: "isn’t it twenty-seven years?" my four year old son said, "let me go home tomorrow. I don’t know what to do.". Qian Fang wasn’t safe at home, I put it in the stove, and when I forgot it, I baked it, and I saw it for second days, and the money was baked like this." Yang Master said, he took the money yesterday, originally thought today with cash back to Hubei home for the Spring Festival, because of their living in the local people are also miscellaneous, afraid of money stolen, put the money in the stove of honeycomb briquette stove, the result was an accident. Reporter: "how much is it altogether?"" Master Yang: "more than 10000 dollars, I’m not a number, on the loose." In order to help master Yang to recover the loss, the reporter took him first came to the Bank of China in science and technology road. Bank clerk: "what a pity, but this really can not change, the damage is too strong, this one can not reach the exchange standard, even half can not reach."." Bank staff said that the exchange is a certain standard, master Yang brought almost no cash exchange can reach the standard, so there is no way for a full exchange. Subsequently, the reporter came to the people’s Bank of Xi’an branch of science and technology on the road, as well as several other banks on the West Street, but the staff have said that such a situation as Yang master is difficult to exchange. In desperation, "City Express" reporters and Yang Master arrived at the Xi’an branch of the people’s Bank of China business management department, the staff said, Yang master need to submit a certification application, and other identification results come out to see how much loss can be recovered. Up to now, the reporter and Yang master ran so many banks, to help Yang master to recover the loss of more than 1000 dollars, think really sad, this hard year of hard-earned money is because of his carelessness, but turned into a pile of paper ash. Here, we want to remind you once again, when you are keeping your belongings, must be careful. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

男子怕遭窃将万元现金放火炉 一时疏忽被烧成灰 男子怕钱被偷放火炉 一万多辛苦钱变成一堆灰烬   西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《都市快报》记者 薛嘉茜 王喜民)还有两天就过年了,可从湖北来西安打工的杨师傅此时此刻却哭的是撕心裂肺,因为他赚了一年的辛苦钱现在却变成了一堆灰烬。   杨师傅:“今天不是年二十七么,我四岁的儿子说,让我明天回家呢,我不知道怎么办了。钱放家里不安全,我就放在炉子里,结果点火的时候忘了,就把钱烤了,第二天一起来发现糊味,钱就被烤成这样了。”   杨师傅说,他昨天就把钱取出来,原本想着今天就带着现金回湖北老家过年,由于自己居住的地方人多也杂,害怕钱被偷了,就把钱放在蜂窝煤炉子的烤箱里,结果就出了意外。 记者:“一共多少钱?” 杨师傅:“一万多块钱呢,我现在都不敢数,一数就散了。”   为了帮助杨师傅挽回损失,记者带着他先来到了位于科技路上的中国银行。 银行工作人员:“太可惜了,但是这真的换不了了,残损的太厉害了,这一沓根本就达不到兑换标准,连一半都达不到。”   银行的工作人员表示,残币兑换是有一定标准的,杨师傅带来的现金几乎没有可以达到兑换标准的,所以没办法进行全额兑换。   随后,记者又来到了科技路上的中国人民银行西安分行,以及西大街上的其他几家银行,但工作人员都表示像杨师傅这样的情况很难兑换。   无奈之下,《都市快报》记者和杨师傅赶到了中国人民银行西安分行营业管理部,工作人员表示,杨师傅需要先递交一份鉴定申请,等鉴定结果出来之后再看能挽回多少损失。   截止到目前,记者和杨师傅跑了这么多家银行,才帮杨师傅挽回了一千多块钱的损失,想想真让人心酸,这辛苦了一年的血汗钱就是因为自己的一时疏忽却变成了一堆纸灰。   在这里,我们要再一次提醒大家,当您在保管自己随身财物的时候,一定要慎重。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: