The Ministry of environmental protection, the nuclear test has not yet have an impact on our environ candle june

The Ministry of environmental protection: the nuclear test has not yet affected the original title of our environment and the public: the Ministry of environmental protection: North Korea’s nuclear tests have not been to China’s environment and public impact in new network on 10 September, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Bulletin for the fifth nuclear test of North Korea to carry out environmental radiation emergency response work on its website today: for the fifth nuclear test in September 9th North Korea North Hamgyong Gilju Fenxi of the environmental protection department in conjunction with the health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of water resources, China Earthquake Administration, Chinese Meteorological Bureau, the armed police forces, the relevant departments on the same day at 8:35 to start the two (Orange) to carry out a comprehensive emergency response, emergency monitoring, radiation environment of the northeast and the surrounding areas of artificial radionuclides sampling analysis research and technology. At present, the radiation environmental monitoring includes the automatic monitoring of the radiation environment fixed stations in the northeast and the surrounding areas, the emergency monitoring of the mobile monitoring vehicles, the monitoring of the border and other areas. As of September 10th 12, the northeast border and the surrounding area 37 radiation environment monitoring station real time continuous air absorbed dose rate monitoring data in the local area, Jilin and Liaoning 2 provinces of 3 mobile monitoring vehicles patrol the air absorbed dose rate and no abnormal, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Shandong 3 provinces 13 monitoring collected surface aerosol in the air, the 11 monitoring points in the air collected iodine by gamma ray spectrum analysis, were not detected in artificial radionuclides. Radiation monitoring results show that the North Korean nuclear test has not yet affected the environment and the public. The environmental protection department will continue to analysis the border area, dry and wet deposition of atmospheric, soil and water sample sampling and monitoring data and environmental radiation monitoring data, and regularly in the official website of the Ministry of environmental protection on the data release and update. Editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章: