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The movie "carrying" Liang Tian, Guan Ling started coming to help out (Figure) – Beijing, Guan Ling and Liang Tian in Beijing on 13 November, (reporter Zhang Xi) 12 days, light star media television media Limited launching ceremony held in Beijing on the day, Liang Tian, Liu Hui, guest stars Guan Ling, Yang Dapeng and Tian Min, saying the film star back at the scene. Activities, light and shadow media announced the film carrying on the upcoming start. The movie "carrying" tells the story of three fellowlike’s buddy, together with the stalemate grew up going through the ups and downs of life story. There are also sad tears, regret is successful, will be 70, 80 films and 90 three period of the fate of the characters together, to some extent broke the romance in the traditional sense, the three person twist of fate, trying to convey a mainstream value, only when the heart talent is the most powerful, wealthy. Actor in three people for money, to live, to dream in the struggle at the same time, certain circumstances, completely unmasked the weakness of human nature, it is also the most exciting things to watch movies. In the movie, lively characters, mildly tortuous story is the art of this era in the human reproduction, as the foundation, respect the reality of the authenticity of a humorous writing style to simple entertaining, with three small figures fate mapping out the change and the development of an era. The conference site director and the team behind the film to convey the theme and values have made a detailed interpretation, which starred Philip rain, starring Yu Tongfei, Liu Hui, Zou Dejiang, Liang Tian and Xie Yuan surprise guests have speech, sharing the shooting fun, the conference site is busy. Was informed that the film "carrying" will boot on December. (end)相关的主题文章: