The new role of Hurricane Tom new cat Parkour first look ssdao

The new role of Hurricane "Tom" new cat Parkour first look Baidu game "Tom cat Parkour" since July on the line so far, with the Q adorable cute adorable pet, distinctive Parkour scene, and have a unique style territory construction and develop play role, for the majority of internationally in the game feast not to be missed. Days ago, Xiao Bian learned that "Tom cat Parkour" will launch a new version in the near future, the authorities had already released some new content! Dear buddy, hurry to preview it — [new role debut] who said "Tom cat" only sell adorable Parkour route? Five new characters will debut, for your interpretation of the true meaning of style change! Tom the cat and the dog Hanhan changed image of cock Silk Road, incarnation handsome officer Wang meow; fresh and beautiful Angela show "goddess Jinghua" bright and brave. At the same time, the new version of the game will launch super Angela and super Tom cat two heroes, a careful look can be found, and other "Wonder Woman" Gail gadot super Angela is very similar to the combination and design of super Tom cat is close to the Green Lantern and the flash. Five new Parkour will bring what visual operating experience for the game player? Let us wait and see! [fun] daily tasks in addition to the new role, "Tom cat Parkour" will also join the new version of "DAILY MISSION", is also the buddies are very familiar with the daily tasks of play. According to official screenshots of the game can be seen, the daily tasks will be to collect musical instruments, sanitary ware and electrical appliances and other items as the main content, and the reward is to create the necessary home gold bars. It is worth noting that the daily task interface appears above the countdown prompt, Xiaobian speculate that the play may set time, game player to get more gold as soon as possible, to achieve the goal within the specified time. It can be predicted that the emergence of daily tasks, players will be more exciting game process. [light] a territory building you ever want to skip the complicated construction process directly to unlock new territory, parkour scene? Do you want to be able to the shortest possible time, the current characteristics of their homes to create a complete body? "Tom cat new Parkour" version of your desire to achieve the above! We can be found in the official update is introduced, new scenes and features a home interface are respectively provided with a key, a key to unlock the construction function, game player with one click, you can immediately unlock new scenes, or all the building of homes to full level. Of course, such a good function is doomed to be unable to easily get, if you are not honest or save the nouveau riche game player, gold and diamond. The above is the "main change Tom cat Parkour" new version of the content, after reading, you are looking forward to the game game player? It is reported that the new version will be the fastest in the next week to meet with everyone, get ready for the season. The strongest Parkour boom! Scan two-dimensional code to download the "Tom cat" Parkour Android version, instantly open chase Gold trip:  相关的主题文章: