The new shares to encourage enterprises to keep people technology shares temporarily pay income tax

The new shares to encourage enterprises to keep people technology shares temporarily pay income tax in September 29th, reporters from Wuhan City, State Taxation Bureau, recently, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a notice "on improving the equity incentive and technology shares on the income tax policy" (hereinafter referred to the "Circular"), expand the coverage of the equity incentive non-listed company, science and technology enterprises preferential tax policies, to meet the conditions of the implementation of equity incentive deferred tax policy, while reducing the applicable tax rate, tax personnel to obtain equity incentive can be reduced by 20%. Wuhan City Local Taxation Bureau Tax Masaji director Zhang Li said, the scope of the new preferential policies for expanding, expanding the scope of tax incentives from universities, research institutions and high-tech enterprises to participate in innovation and Entrepreneurship of the main body of the market, and the preferential policies for equity incentive also from the current equity incentive to expand the stock period stock options, restricted stock and other forms. In the past, the high-tech talents have to pay individual income tax according to the standard of wages and salaries when they get the lifting of the restricted shares, the equity incentive and the technology investment, while the new policy is adjusted to pay taxes when the equity transfer is realized. Liu Qinghua, deputy director of the income tax department of Wuhan State Taxation Bureau, introduces that, since September, enterprises and individuals who have technology share business only need to submit the filing form to the competent tax authorities, and they can enjoy the deferred tax preferential policies themselves. That is to say, when you sell a share, pay taxes, you can’t pay if you don’t sell it. "The new policy is just in time!" Wuhan Photoelectric Industry Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. financial director, "our company has 2 independent research and development of patented technology investment shares to two incubation enterprises, the total amount of 4 million 730 thousand yuan.". After the implementation of the new policy, the enterprise income tax can be reduced by 1 million 180 thousand yuan, and later the investment in research and development will be more vigorous!" More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to the big Chu entrepreneurial WeChat, scan the next two-dimensional code or search dachucy

新政鼓励企业以股留人 技术入股暂不缴纳所得税9月29日,记者从武汉市国、地税局获悉,近日,财政部、国家税务总局联合印发《关于完善股权激励和技术入股有关所得税政策的通知》(以下简称《通知》),扩大了非上市公司、科技企业股权激励税收优惠政策的覆盖范围,对符合条件的股权激励实施递延纳税政策,同时降低适用税率,人才获得股权激励个税可降20%。武汉市地税局税政二处处长张莉介绍道,新政策优惠适用的范围扩大了,税收优惠的范围从高校、科研机构、高新技术企业等扩大到其他参与创新创业的市场主体,而优惠政策针对的股权激励方式也由目前的股权奖励扩大到股票期股权期权、限制性股票等其他形式。以往高科技人才在获得限制性股票解禁、获得股权激励、技术投资入股时,就得按工资薪金的标准缴纳个人所得税,而新政则调整为在对股权进行转让变现时才进行纳税。武汉市国税局所得税处副处长刘庆华介绍,从9月起,凡企业和个人发生技术入股业务的只需向主管税务机关报送备案表,即可自行享受递延纳税优惠政策。也就是说在卖出股权的时候缴税,不卖则可以不缴。“这项新政策真是及时雨!”武汉光电工业技术研究院有限公司财务负责人介绍,“我们公司今年有2项自主研发的专利技术投资入股到两家孵化企业,金额合计473万元。新政实施后,当年就可以少缴企业所得税118万元,以后加大研发投入的干劲更大了!”更多创业资讯,请关注大楚创业微信,扫描下方二维码或搜索dachucy相关的主题文章: