The night watch Skoda 7 SUV into China key force of new energy automobile Sohu didadi

The night watch: Skoda 7 SUV into China key force of new energy automobile automobile Sohu – Sohu [2016 Paris auto] Beijing September 29, 2016 morning (September 28th evening local time), on the eve of the opening of the 2016 Paris auto show Volkswagen Group held a popular night activities. Before the show with all of its brands held a grand public night has always been the tradition of the Volkswagen group. However, due to some reasons, the mass of the night than in previous years, the scale is relatively small, more like a show before the communication". Small scale, will be in the limited time is more important "dry cargo" priority Douchu, such as Volkswagen Group and the prospect of future product planning etc.. As for the appearance of the new key models are not much to say, so we can be free to watch, including the Volkswagen brand MEB platform first EV based on I.D., the new Audi S5 and Porsche Panamera, etc.. Let’s take a look at it. The latest brand planning release: in 2025 before the mass production of more than 30 electric cars Volkswagen Group released a new future plan – hand in hand strategy of the heart of the 2025". This is an important measure to change the direction of the Volkswagen Group after the incident. According to the latest plan, the future development direction of the Volkswagen Group will focus on the full range of electric vehicles, battery technology, digital, unmanned and artificial intelligence in these areas. As of now, Volkswagen Group’s brands have also carried out the relevant business cooperation and project innovation. For example, electric vehicles, the public is expected to cooperate with JAC, set up a joint venture research and development and production of electric vehicles. And, Volkswagen Group plans in 2025, research and development and production of more than 30 models of electric vehicles, increase the intensity of the electric vehicle. In addition, the Volkswagen Group will start to solve the bottleneck problem of charging technology, the electric vehicle charging will no longer be Difficult miscellaneous diseases. For example, Porsche will release the latest battery fast charging technology, in 15 minutes for the battery is full of electricity of 80%. In addition to the above hardware and technical breakthroughs, the public will focus on the planning and development of mobile travel solutions. Mobile travel services industry will become the future of the Volkswagen Group’s thirteenth brands, the goal of the top three to occupy the leading position in the European market. At present, the company has set up the latest operation, the end of November this year will be officially announced. In fact, Chinese consumers are familiar with the Audi brand has teamed up with Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent and other high-quality Internet Co, to further strengthen the network function of the car, to provide intelligent solutions to travel. In the overseas market, the public has also joined the Gett company to take the lead in Russia to carry out the Internet about car service. Audi’s new S5 Sportback. New car highlights: a new generation of high performance 3.0T V6 engine Audi in the popular night brings its own performance expert: the new S5 Sportback. This is based on Evo MLB flat.相关的主题文章: