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The old man fell through the tracks strong temporary auxiliary rescue both hit and killed the Sohu news pictured knocked the old man’s son. The morning of August 23rd, near the railway line in Hunan province Zhuzhou North train station, Zhuzhou north station police auxiliary police rescue Zihua soup fell on the tracks of the elderly, unfortunately both hit and killed. In August 25th, Changsha Railway Public Security Department staff told surging news (Tang Zihua), people killed whether they are killed on duty and according to what standard of compensation, the Changsha railway police department and Guangzhou Railway Group Company Safety Supervision Office jointly deal with the matter. The incident is located in Zhuzhou North train station near the Shanghai Kunming line at a railroad crossing. About 8:40 on August 23rd, the 71 year old Chen Fenge in the railway fell on the tracks, from Changsha train to Shaoshan is coming, is on the railway inspection after Tang Zihua see, the old man tried to drag out the railway. Some netizens said that the first rescue failed, in second attempts to rescue two people were killed in the train: after the old man knocked dragged tens of meters, Tang Zihua was hit on the side of the railway. In August 24th, the Zhuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Hunan province through the official micro-blog @ Zhuzhou police reports, when Tang Zihua and other auxiliary police patrols in the railway, after crossing the incident, there are just in front of the train came, auxiliary police waited at the crossing to stop pedestrians crossing, but the old man Chen Fenge forced through the railway, and in the middle suddenly fell; Zihua soup run to drag her to the railway outside, results were not dragged out, the train has arrived in front of two people hit the spot death. @ Zhuzhou police reports, Zhuzhou north station police auxiliary police Tang Zihua 51 year old, Hunan Yiyang people, 1989 retired after the Zhuzhou North police station became the first defense team (HKAPF), one of the few to date temporary workers. The Tang Zihua family lived in a low, simple brick homes, love in the house to sell fried lunch supplement by staff. @ Zhuzhou police said a police officer, police said, this is due to the rescue and accident. In August 25th, Changsha Railway Public Security Department staff told surging news, Tang Zihua save people died is on duty, not qualitative. In 2014, the regulations promulgated "people’s police pensions and preferential measures" for the Ministry of civil affairs and other 9 departments, the people’s police, was named the martyrs who sacrificed their dependents, one-time pension for the previous year, per capita disposable income of urban residents 20 times and I am 40 months salary. Public data shows, the defense team is in the public security police organization, under the leadership of carry out patrol duty, blocking card, waiting and other prevention and suppression of criminal activities, the police station with a group of people to maintain public order. Then the auxiliary police in accordance with the official standard families can get national pension? Chinese People’s Public Security University professor Zhan Wei said the public security management department to accept the "Legal Daily" in an interview in June 2015, according to the related regulations of the auxiliary police is not perfect, if the auxiliary personnel casualties, resettlement pension only according to the "Regulations" of industrial injury insurance, not referring to "people’s police pensions and preferential measures". According to the work injury.相关的主题文章: