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The old man knocked on the mud only buy beggar’s chicken paper merchant said the wrong model for sale – Beijing reporter Liu Dabo lived 84 years, what is not seen, but the chicken was still completely broke he has accumulated 80 years of life — it is a judgment of cooked chicken, just follow him on the train from Hangzhou to Shanghai, the "packaging" is still intact, but the chicken, the chicken is gone…… On the morning of November 13th, 84 year old old uncle Liu from Hangzhou city station railway station departure, to Shanghai to attend the old comrades in the party. Passing a small shop near the train station, Liu Dabo found Hangzhou specialty "beggar chicken" in the sale, buy a want to go to Shanghai to try his comrades. "To Shanghai, the old comrades came around, I knocked on the external package of mud……" He and his comrades more and more disappointed, and finally really shocked: where the surface in addition to mud, only cardboard and waste paper. "Are you embarrassed? 30 yuan to buy the beggar’s chicken I asked comrades to eat mud and board!" Uncle back and think, is the only possible businesses moving the hands and feet. The money newspaper reporter decided to the identity of the consumer to buy a "beggar chicken". This shop in the bus station behind the shop, deliberately played Hangzhou specialty beggar chicken on the signs, placed in the most outside goods, passing can see at a glance. "Thirty dollars, very cheap!" Look at the store is a thirty year old man, he told reporters placed in front of the store "beggar chicken". The reporter bought a mud, then knocked, it is only genuine goods at a fair price of chicken. Then uncle Liu chicken and what is going on? The morning of November 22nd, the Hangzhou municipal market authority Xiao Ying Authority Deputy Director Hu Zhenlin sent law enforcement officers to the scene to accompany uncle. Thought that businesses will shirk a, did not expect the owner quickly admitted: a few days ago they did sell a cardboard chicken "Uncle liu". The owner said, because the weather is getting cold, baked beggar chicken will soon cool down, in order to show, they made a beggar’s chicken model (cardboard replacing chicken) placed in front of the store, did not expect the people much busy, mistaking samples and models sold to catch the train to Shanghai uncle liu…… In the small business regulatory coordination, in terms of consumer businesses are willing to retreat one lose ten, that is to say the chicken refund purchase money 30 yuan, to 300 yuan as compensation. Uncle Liu last as long as 30 yuan. He said everything clear is good, as long as the store is not specialized "production" a good fake beggar chicken. Newspaper reporter Bao Yafei intern reporter Zhou Yi相关的主题文章: