The old woman fell into the Songhua River winter to be rescued nrf905

The old woman fell into the Songhua River winter to be rescued by the new culture of Jilin news (reporter Li Hongzhou Li Yang) in February 8th, in the Jiangcheng bridge on the eastern side of the Songhuajiang River, a woman along the river to the emergency water drift…… 15, witnesses Mr. Zhou briefed reporters on the day of the rescue process. Around 1:30 in the afternoon, in the vicinity of "Antarctic island", suddenly heard a man shouting: "save quickly, someone fell into the river."!" At that time, winter swimming enthusiasts Wang Yukui just came to the locker room, following the sound, he saw from his more than 100 meters away, a man waving on the shore. As he ran, he undressed. Four or five meters away from the river, a woman wearing a down jacket, is moving along the river to the urgent water area, the situation is very critical! Wang Yukui threw off his shoes and plunged himself into the river. When he approached the drowning woman, the river had not been shoulder. Wang Yukui grabbed the woman’s clothes, the woman’s jacket to suck the water becomes very heavy, in another winter swimming enthusiasts Mr. Xu’s help, two people will be the woman ashore. The drowning woman ashore, we helped her to warm the room. About half an hour later, the women’s family came and took it. The 67 year old Wang Yukui is a member of the Antarctic winter swimming team. To save things, Wang Yukui smiled and said: "this thing is not to see who from ruin." According to Wang Yukui, his wife Mao Lanfang, lunar new year, the rescued woman and mother to the swimming team, expression of gratitude, also took out a 1000 yuan red envelope. "My wife doesn’t want them. They just stay.". We don’t have the way they connect……" Mao Lanfang called. Editor in chief: SN226

女子掉进松花江 冬泳老人将其救起   新文化吉林讯(记者 李洪洲 李洋) 2月8日,在江城大桥东侧的松花江边,一名女子顺着江水向急水区漂去……15日,目击者周先生向记者介绍了当天的救人过程。   当日下午1点半左右,在“南极岛”附近,突然听到一名男子大喊:“快救人,有人掉江里了!”当时,冬泳爱好者王雨奎刚来到更衣室,顺着喊声,他看到距他100多米远的地方,一名男子在岸边挥手。他一边跑,一边脱衣服。   距离江边四五米远,一女子穿着羽绒服,正顺着江水向急水区漂去,情况十分危急!王雨奎甩掉鞋,一头扎进江水中。当他接近落水女子时,江水已没过肩部。王雨奎抓住女子的衣服,此时,女子的羽绒服吸了水变得很沉,在另一名冬泳爱好者徐先生的帮助下,两人将女子救上岸。   落水女子上岸后,大家将她搀到屋里烤火取暖。大约半个小时后,女子家属赶来,将其接走。   王雨奎今年67岁,是南极冬泳队一名队员。对于救人的事,王雨奎笑着说:“谁见到这事儿都不会见死不救的。”据王雨奎的老伴毛兰芳介绍,大年初四,被救 女子和母亲到冬泳队表达谢意,还拿出一个1000元钱的红包。“我老伴不要,她们硬是留下了。我们也没有她们的联系方式……”毛兰芳称。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: