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The past 121 in Dali? Lijiang? – [lead] Yunnan tourism Sohu this may be the most China "story" travel public no.. Welcome to pay attention to the travel writer Liu Xiaoshun after 80 (Liu small Shun public number: lxslvxing), along with small Shun travel will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! "Follow Liu Xiaoshun to travel" the "past" the first quarter of 21, Dali · Lijiang · Yunnan (Article Number: 121) the evening of 25 March 2011, we took the train sleeper from Kunming to Dali, Jin Yong in the novel the legend that magical frontier city. Jared, a friend of Shanghai, who was on holiday in Kunming, went to Dali with us. Yelv Shanghai is a typical young man, speak special gentle, neither fast nor slow. I enjoy is not destined to life, and only in Kunming for two days, early in the morning in Dali, I began my stomach. The inn did not find, I will not stop rain in the city where to find the toilet. Once, two times, three times…… Just an hour, I pulled five times, fast dehydration. We are just looking for a hostel to stay, I had a little to eat angidiarrheal, feel good after hanging out, I can walk less than one hundred meters to go to the bathroom, the toilet and the ancient city of a piece of money on a trip to see the tragic Dali into a toilet a day trip, I finally decided to back to the inn to rest, even the ancient city of Dali is what did not see. In the inn muddle along without any aim to sleep a few hours, the condition still did not improve, I find the inn boss asked a nearby clinic to go to the doctor. It is a community health center, the area is very small, there is a row full of drugs glass counters, there are a few beds, a young nurse to an old man shot the bed, sitting inside a glass counter does not look very reassuring the young doctor. "Acute gastroenteritis, intravenous drip." The young doctor asked me about my symptoms and made a quick diagnosis. "I…… Can not be a bit?" I looked at the young nurse and turned to ask. "So, you want to take medicine?" The young doctor asked me. "Can I take the medicine?" I ask. "What do you think?" The young doctor asked me again. "Ah? Me i…… How do I know?" I asked confused, what kind of doctor? "You have to take the medicine." The young doctor turned and took out a box of medicine and handed it to me" I took a look at the medicine he gave me, shook his head and said, "I don’t eat antibiotics." "Then you take this medicine." The young doctor took out another traditional Chinese medicine. Is this medicine effective?" How to see a disease so that people do not feel at ease? That kind of Chinese herbal medicine seems to be a child to eat, the price is only 50 Fen packets, I really do not trust. "It may be slow." Young doctor replies. "Is there anything else? Not antibiotics, the effect is better?" I asked. "Er…… No." The nurse came back with a needle and sat down.相关的主题文章: