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Relationships Do you have a love lost? On the other hand, maybe it is not a loss at all; maybe it was for the better that the love was lost. Do you want to regain that lost love or maybe even just let the person know that it was their loss instead of yours? There is a great and wonderful way to express all of these feelings and more through love lost poems. Have you ever written love lost poems? Poems about lost love can be funny, spiteful, forgiving, and even a down right beg for the love to come back. They are a wide variety of collections of feelings from all walks of life and from all different sorts of love lost experiences and circumstances. These types of poems can tear a person to shreds if you are seeking revenge or they can also bring a person to tears if you are seeking reconciliation. No matter what the sentiment that you are trying to get across, your words on paper are forever and speak a great deal more sometimes then you could ever vocalize. Poems about lost love can express how you feel regardless of what the feeling is. It can be happy, sad, angry, distraught, frustrated, or even elated. Not every love lost is necessarily bad, in many situations it can be the best for all parties concerned, however it still does not mean that there are not strong emotions that come from it. That is where lost love poems can put into words things you cannot quite express yourself. You can read love lost poems and you know the minute you read one that screams out, "That is exactly how I feel". What if the love lost is between family members? Have you ever written a poem of a lost love reflecting those types of feelings? A love loss between family members can even be more confusing then an romantic love loss, as one just assumes family is always suppose to stick together no matter what; agree to disagree. However, that is not always the case and you are sitting at an impasse not quite sure how to take it or how to express it, yet you want to make your voice heard. Love lost poems can be your voice. May you have regret for causing a love lost and badly want to try to make it right. A well thought out poem can do the talking for you and open that door so you can take it from there. The main key to any relationship is good communication. When that is shut down, you have to find a way to reopen that door that is locked. Writing poems can open that door to the communication that has been lacking, and if the door does not open, you have your love lost poems as proof that although you may have made mistakes, you did try to make them right. Poems about your lost love can be that key that opens the door and allows the communication to begin to flow. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: