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The rapid elimination of morning sickness mothers should do? – Sohu maternal guidance: pregnant women in early pregnancy often have nausea and vomiting problems, mainly because of hormonal changes caused by the sense of smell and. To eliminate sickness discomfort, you can eat all kinds of ginger products, or add some snacks and water, will cause nausea away from objects, can effectively prevent sickness distress and discomfort. A mother, how to quickly eliminate the morning sickness? The use of ginger ginger products, is the fastest way to eliminate the morning sickness, you can use a variety of products such as ginger, ginger tea, ginger sugar, Ginger Ale, or even directly chewing ginger can also be. And the preventive measures to eliminate the morning sickness the best way is to stop it before it happens. In the bed to prepare some small snacks, get up immediately when eating, can effectively prevent your vomiting. One of the symptoms of morning sickness early pregnancy. It’s not your time to go on a diet, so if you want to eat something, eat it. However, you still need to avoid alcohol, raw food and other unhealthy foods, so as not to affect the baby’s health. It’s important to add a large amount of fluid to the fluid during pregnancy, even if you can’t leave it right now. Water can help your baby’s blood, but also to prevent dehydration, causing vomiting. To find out the special smell of trigger items may cause your nausea. So find out which smells are particularly likely to cause you to vomit, and try to stay away from them. During the summer, to have relatively high body temperature will be pregnant tools, easy to feel hot, hot weather will only make you more comfortable, easy to vomit. Therefore, for a variety of refreshing tools, like ice water, wet paper towels etc.. Two, pregnant baby during the morning sickness is more intelligent advantages, according to the Canadian medical research, if the mother has morning sickness during pregnancy, the baby usually smarter. This is because the morning sickness can enhance the relationship between fetal neural development. According to the research, the protection of the health of the fetus during pregnancy, vomiting is a kind of self protection mechanism can be spit out by food, to prevent the food harm the baby’s health, causing various problems. According to the research, not abortion, pregnant women have morning sickness experienced less abortion. This is because the morning sickness can emit toxins, the baby is healthy, so the comparison is not easy to abortion. I know that many pregnant women do not know their pregnancy, until he is often nausea, vomiting, was found to have been pregnant. Although not everyone will have morning sickness, but this is the common symptoms of pregnancy.相关的主题文章: