The red flag in the farmers’ market of electric tricycle thief theft

The red flag in the farmers’ market of electric tricycle "thief" theft thief arrested lvmou on electric tricycle in the wholesale market, the market early peak, repeatedly committing the crime, self proclaimed "master", triumphant. Unexpectedly, when committing the crime again, he was squatting for several days the police arrested the entire arrest process has also been in the market "eye" on the record. According to the Xiqing branch of the west gate of the Camp police station police, since the beginning of November, the red flag wangdingdi farmers market spate of several cases of stolen electric tricycle. Video surveillance video police timely retrieval of stolen time, found a man dressed in a green coat man has repeatedly appeared in the different scene. After careful analysis, police investigators further found that the "green coat" in the morning 4 points to 6 points between the foot appeared in the market. During the period, and look around, eyes locked at all for electric tricycle parked next to the booth, people never have shopping moves with vendors exchange, but every time the total driving an electric tricycle different from. Accordingly, the police concluded that the number of electric tricycle stolen case is likely to be for the people, and the people to the possibility of committing the crime is very large. Locked the suspect, but difficult to confirm the identity of the suspect. To solve the case as soon as possible, the police decided to implement the real-time video monitoring, at the same time, additional plainclothes police in the market all the entrance of the focus marker, and strive to capture the current. Kung Fu people. On November 23rd 5 in the morning, plainclothes police found the "green coat" appeared in the farmers market. For further evidence of a crime suspect fixed, RenZangJuHuo, Bingfenlianglu police then followed, saw the "green coat" around the fruit area around back and forth. At 5:14 PM, "green coat" finally locked the car parked in the fruit stalls on the edge of the electric tricycle unlocked. At this point, it is surrounded by four traders busy trading peak, no attention. "Green coat" walked forward, skillfully carry out a T type electric screwdriver, second electricity, drive to go. At this time, two police before the attack, in front of the market force will be the "green coat" successfully intercepted and uniform. It is understood that this man dressed in a green overcoat on the suspect, surnamed Lu, is a professional thief, once two times for theft of electric tricycle was sentenced. Lvmou after the arrest, soon confessed theft repeatedly in the market of electric tricycle crimes. "I have been very careful, usually go out of crime, is a taxi to the market. In morning peak hours 5, 6 market transactions, is the fear of vendors suspicious, fear of patrol police attention. Unexpectedly, the police had already stared at me." At present, Lu Mou has been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further disposal.

红旗农贸市场里盗窃电动三轮车 “惯偷”落网了   惯偷吕某盯上了批发市场内的电动三轮车,利用市场早高峰,屡屡作案,自诩“高手”,得意洋洋。不料,再次作案时,却被蹲守多日的民警人赃俱获,整个抓捕过程也被市场内的“天眼”记录在案。   据西青分局西营门派出所办案民警介绍,进入11月份以来,王顶堤红旗农贸市场接连发生数起电动三轮车被盗案件。办案民警及时调取被盗时间段的视频监控录像,发现一名身着绿大衣的男子曾多次出现在不同的案发现场。经细致分析,办案民警进一步发现,该“绿大衣”一般在凌晨4点至6点间徒步出现在市场内。期间,左顾右盼东张西望,目光锁定处皆为摊位旁边停放的电动三轮车,该人从未有购物的举动,也不和摊贩交流,每次却总驾驶着不同的电动三轮车离开。据此,民警初步推断,多起电动三轮车被盗案件很可能是该一人所为,且该人继续作案的可能性非常大。   锁定了嫌疑人,嫌疑人身份却难以确认。为尽快破案,办案民警决定实施视频实时监控,同时,加派便衣民警在该市场所有出入口重点盯防,力争抓获现行。   功夫不负有心人。11月23日凌晨5时,便衣民警发现“绿大衣”出现在农贸市场中。为进一步固定嫌疑人犯罪证据,人赃俱获,民警遂兵分两路尾随其后,只见“绿大衣”在水果区四处转悠来回走动。5时14分许,“绿大衣”终于锁定了一辆停放在水果摊位边上未上锁的电动三轮车。此时,正是四围商贩忙于买卖的高峰,无人注意。“绿大衣”快步上前,熟练地掏出随身携带的一把T型改锥,秒将电动车通电,开车就走。此时,两路民警前后夹击,在市场门口合力将“绿大衣”成功拦截并制服。   据了解,这名身着绿大衣的嫌疑人,姓吕,是个惯偷,曾两次因盗窃电动三轮车被判刑。吕某落网后,很快交代了在市场内多次盗窃电动三轮车的违法犯罪事实。“我已经非常小心了,平时出门作案,都是打车到市场。选择在市场凌晨5、6点交易的高峰时段,就是怕摊贩起疑心,怕被巡逻警察注意。没想到,原来警察早就盯上我了。”目前,吕某已被依法刑事拘留,案件正在进一步处置中。相关的主题文章: