The rise of the Northeast anchor economic quagmire out of the alternative entrepreneurs (video)

The rise of the Northeast anchor: the economic quagmire out of the alternative entrepreneur text Tencent technology Sun Hongchao once as a domestic industrial city, the three northeastern provinces suffered the most serious economic growth in recent years. Why the decline of the northeast, how to revitalize, become the focus of the official and folk hot topic. In China technology Internet domain, in the region is almost blank, in addition to the Neusoft group, can call out the name of the scanty company of science and technology, mobile Internet, e-commerce and other new industry lags behind the country, which caused the employment crisis, also caused a large number of young people away from other provinces in Northeast china. This year, the rise of the mobile broadcast industry, and the northeast is still unrelated, but the accident for the depressed young people in the northeast to create a job opportunity". It is difficult to count the number of northeast anchor in the domestic direct broadcast industry, but there is no denying that they are becoming the backbone of the anchor market. Number of live broadcast platform to provide data to the Tencent technology show that almost every live platform up to the top twenty fans have more than or nearly half of the northeast. And in the star field, northeast anchor is Dan Zhao Benshan high, micro-blog has repeatedly reflected in the live off the daughter in the contest for its "Zhao Jiaban" is also very active in each broadcast platform. Zhao Benshan daughter live screenshots, however, although more and more young people began to earn a lot of money through the live broadcast in the northeast, but in essence they do not have the right to speak and market rules of the game. On the one hand, we see that the gap is not impassable between the northeast and the new economy, on the other hand, the lack of capital, innovation, entrepreneurial mechanism and system, still restricts the Internet industry innovation path to the northeast. The rise of the income dilemma and new employment opportunities in the northeast, and the inevitable decline of the Northeast economy. Talking about the reasons the number of northeast anchor, a northeast anchor quipped: "probably because of the cold weather, do not want to out of the house." Behind this sentence is a cold situation, the northeast economic data show that in 2015 GDP growth of the Northeast in the bottom of the country, Liaoning provinces are the Heiji countdown to the first, third and fourth, while in the first quarter of 2016, Liaoning province GDP negative growth to the bottom. Behind the bad GDP growth figures are scarce jobs. The end of 90s, the implementation of the reform of state-owned enterprises in Northeast China, about 1/4 of the laid-off workers in the northeast of the country, about 30 million. The central enterprises, the Northeast private enterprises can not provide adequate employment opportunities. The more direct question is "money", the three northeastern provinces per capita disposable income of residents in Liaoning, only slightly higher than the national average level, Heilongjiang and Jilin province are below the national average, and the current northeast available per capita wages of less than three thousand. In contrast, the vast majority of the current live platform anchor revenues are at least more than 5000. For the rising unemployment rate, the outflow of the population of the three northeastern provinces, the live may be able to seize a straw. An ordinary anchor a month’s income, perhaps in the first tier cities to survive difficult, but in the three or four tier cities can live a good life, which is why these years in the northeast,!相关的主题文章: