The same is super girl, Li Yuchun Jane Zhang and the biggest difference in

The same is super girl, Li Yuchun Jane Zhang and the biggest difference in what? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Li Yuchun Jane Zhang, Li Yuchun snow flower is Jane Zhang the two most successful super girl is undoubtedly the, from their debut in 2005, two concerts, advertising, business activities to earn money not less than three hundred million, more than Jane Zhang Li Yuchun’s personal wealth. Jane Zhang and her boyfriend of two the only difference is that Li Yuchun has no boyfriend, but Jane Zhang in super girl, and her boyfriend Feng Ke together, 15 years older than Jane Zhang Feng Ke because Jane Zhang dropped his daughter and his ex-wife divorced. Jane Zhang and his mother, in recent days, people always eat melon in the crowd Jane Zhang mother and slobber war between prospective son-in-law, although now shake hands, users still think Jane Zhang’s emotional intelligence is too low, worried that one day she and Baoqiang Wang, all the property being swept away. Li Yuchun and his mother, Jane Zhang, gave the money to her boyfriend, but all of them gave it to her mother, but she gave it to her mother, so she gave it to her mother, but she gave it to her mother, but she gave. She said she had no idea how much money she had. The reporter asked her if she would get all the money to her mother? She laughed: "not to pass, not my hand, the company is directly to the money to my mother, and then my mother gave me one thousand or two thousand yuan per month pocket money. Li Yuchun’s mother Li Yuchun let the traditional education from childhood the natural and true character, as a daughter, Li Yuchun’s mother intimate small cotton padded jacket. She not only gave all her money to her mother, but no matter how busy she would fly back to Chengdu with her mother’s birthday. The 2009 Concert is mother’s birthday, Li Yuchun deliberately sing "Happy Birthday" and sparked people singing. As a parent, can have such a filial daughter, are very proud. Li Yuchun and Li Yuchun have not had a boyfriend yet. There is no formal love, most of the time, because Li Yuchun is very shy shy girl. When she was in high school to participate in the singing competition is the first, the third year in the school hall will be able to open a concert, in high school when there are fans and fans, often received a love letter. Li Yuchun has been single, said Li Yuchun, in the middle school had a more appreciation of the boys, once ran to stand and watch the boys playing basketball. Now the biggest wish to talk about a roaring vigorous love, she is a naughty girl, what’s in no hurry to get married. That’s probably the biggest difference between her and Jane Zhang. Chris hope as soon as possible to find the beloved man, enjoy the sweet love. More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: