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"Drive the Silk Road? In the Abba Wanlixing friendly" into the Khunjerab border station – Travel Channel "Wanli Silk Road plug scene, four driving more mass civilization". "Driving the Silk Road in the ABA? Friendly tour activities since September 24th to depart from Yinchuan, 20 car team friendly image all the way to the west, like a road in Ningxia on the Silk Road tourism flow beautiful scenery, beautiful way to Gansu, beautiful Qinghai, the charm of Xinjiang, after 20 days of travel. Arrived in Khunjerab port in October 13th. In October 13th, the team went into the Khunjerab border checkpoints to carry out "send warmth and love? Build safety condolences activities abroad". As the guardian of Pakistan only land crossings, Khunjerab border station officers and soldiers has always been to inherit and carry forward the friendship between China and Pakistan, improve the service level as the main line, and actively expand the good neighborly and friendly relations with Pakistan, national service The Belt and Road "strategy and" Pakistan Economic corridor". With the friends all over the country to deep sympathy and solicitude for the Khunjerab border checkpoint officers, the Executive Committee to send warmth and love activities combined with Ningxia’s major scenic spots and famous enterprises? Build safety door condolences activities. Pakistan’s China embassy political counselor Abbas, Khunjerab border station leadership, "driving more silk road? In Aba friendly miles Campaign Committee leadership, self driving riders, executive committee staff and CCTV discovery, Ningxia TV, Ningxia daily and other media participated in the event. Ningxia wolfberry red agate sightseeing Khunjerab border station sent on behalf of the Ningxia wolfberry red agate heart. Zhu Jun, general manager of Ningxia red agate wolfberry garden tour, said that every year after the border guards sent Ningxia care. In addition, the riders on behalf of Chen Xiaolan on behalf of their brother, the frontier inspection station of Shenzhen, a retired personnel, the Khunjerab border station and presented its 60 years of filming and works published abroad "memory" one book, tribute and blessings for the frontier soldiers. Source: local feeds (Qin Jing, commissioning editor: happy)相关的主题文章: