The twenty-third session of the Yangling foreign trade fair will be held this year, 266 (video)

The twenty-third session of the Yangling Agricultural Association will be held this year, the opening of the foreign exhibition booth of the 266 farmers will be high on the Xi’an exhibition hall kiwi fruit". Reporter Li Anding photo of the twenty-third session of China Yangling agricultural high opened today, hundreds of pavilions from around the world more than 50 countries and regions will focus on the development of new ideas to speed up agricultural modernization "the theme of the exchange, cooperation, competition. Compared with previous years, current Nonggaohui more prominent marketization and internationalization, "The Belt and Road" and other elements. A higher degree of marketization of the Internet era of rural electricity providers looking over 111.25 kg per plant "maximum" sweet potato, pumpkin, large space remote camera type trap lamp, solar pest prevention and control of the car…… Early in yesterday’s exhibition, many new, extraordinary and special agricultural products, attracted everyone’s attention. The reporter learned that, compared with the previous agricultural high, this session of the general assembly in the development of agricultural high technology, agricultural business experience, agricultural brand image display and other aspects of a lot of new things. In the Internet era, more and more enterprises and grassroots agricultural planting farmers on agricultural commercial interconnection market interest and demand. In order to satisfy people’s needs, the agricultural high setting in Yangling modern agricultural e-commerce industry park "of agricultural business experience area (agricultural high H)", through the exhibition, matchmaking, operation experience and so on, "explore" the circulation pattern of new agricultural products Internet plus the circulation of agricultural products ". The international fan more foreign booth compared to last year increased by 70% over this year, CAF will host the first international seed industry achievement exhibition, exhibition and exhibition will bring real combination of electronic, O2O online and offline interaction, provide beyond time display effect and commercial return for exhibitors. During this year’s agricultural fair, the international exhibition booth and exhibition layout has been greatly adjusted. A museum will be built to become an international museum, to further highlight the international level of agricultural association. Agricultural high will all foreign booth will reach 266, an increase of more than last year, 113 international booths, an increase of 73%. Then, a layer of A hall will open 178 booths, including "The Belt and Road" national agricultural development achievements exhibition, highlighting the guest country exhibition, special exhibition of three parts; the two layer will open 88 booths, as along the Silk Road and the international characteristics of goods exhibition. The silk road will be held 19 elements to highlight the cooperation and exchanges of current Nonggaohui guest country for germany. This year, the farmers will be set up in the A Museum of modern agricultural exhibition in Germany, the main display of modern agricultural fermentation industry, modern animal husbandry, organic agriculture, etc.. China and Germany will also focus on traditional agriculture and modern green organic agriculture and other aspects of the Sino German Seminar on the development of modern agriculture, Sino German modern agricultural enterprise project promotion. The activities of various international exchanges, this year will become a major highlight of the agricultural association. In addition, this year the agricultural high will also host the 2016 Yangling international cooperation week, focusing on the theme of "The Belt and Road development and win-win cooperation", held various forums, seminars, matchmaking and exhibition and 19 cooperation exchange activities, carry out Silk Road Economic Belt countries participate in a wide range of multi-level International exchange activities, promote international agricultural exchanges and cooperation in various fields and in various forms. Reporter Wei Xin second相关的主题文章: