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The two women’s volleyball team will play in the Asian Cup or Gong Xiangyu FireWire supplement [Abstract] China selected today announced 12 Zhangzhou women’s volleyball team in Fujian to the 2016 Asian Cup list, Chen Liyi, Zhang Xiaoya, Zheng Yixin, Yao Di and other famous in the column. My mother is the team unity’s reassurance Lang end back to the top of the world women’s volleyball team at the 2016 China sports Tencent September 4th Asian Cup squad has been basically established, Chen Liyi, Zhang Xiaoya, Zheng Yixin, Yao Di and other famous in the column. After Lang Ping took office in early 2013, these years is the implementation of the concept of big national team. Chinese women in Rio Olympic Games, China two team has been training in Fujian Zhangzhou base. Due to the current two team no special Olympic gold medal just get away, young Gong Xiangyu is expected to supplement the selected line. Coach Lang Ping and China s contract expire in September this year, but the Asian cup she will not be led expedition, Tianjin’s national youth team coach Chen Youquan will spearhead notch in the Asian cup. 12 people currently published a list of the main Li Jing, Chen Liyi, Song Meili, Zhang Xiaoya, Zheng Yixin, Yang Zhou, Fu Gong, Xu Jiujing, Wang Yuanyuan, Yao Di, Wang Na setter, Wang Mengjie Danner, the single freedom. Chen Liyi, Zhang Xiaoya, Yao Di, Wang Na, Wang Mengjie, et al, have repeatedly selected a team member of the Chinese, Zhang and Wang Mengjie to women’s volleyball team won the world cup or the last time. Just the end of the Rio Olympic journey Zhang Changning also said in an interview in September 4th, in September 9th, she will return to Beijing and the two team focused on the upcoming Asian cup. In the women’s volleyball team in Rio Chinese during the Olympic Games, the two women’s volleyball team and Chinese youth team adhere to the training base in Zhangzhou, they also watched television for the first time through the crucial battle China women’s volleyball, women’s volleyball Chinese deeply felt again the top of the Olympic glory. Chinese women’s volleyball team in the world’s top two women’s volleyball Asian Cup was founded in 2008, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the first championship. 2012 Third Asian Cup finals, the Chinese women’s volleyball team lost to the host team Thailand lost crown 1-3. 2014 Fourth Asian Cup, the Chinese women’s volleyball final victory over South Korea won. In 2016 Fifth Asian women’s Volleyball Cup will be held on September 14th -20 in Vietnam Yongfu held eight teams for the 2015 Asian competition in eight. Vietnam, Thailand, China Taipei, Iran in the A group, China, South Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan into the B group. Fresh from the experience of the Olympic Games, women’s volleyball volleyball is relatively large changes in asia. Thailand women’s volleyball team meritorious coach Gatipon announced after 19 years of coaching the team office, Thailand women’s volleyball team of the golden generation on this tragic curtain. Rio Olympic Games tied for fifth of the Japanese women’s volleyball team and South Korean women’s volleyball team, has not yet officially announced the Asian Cup lineup. From the Chinese team’s lineup, the basic is the Rio Olympic Games 12 main lineup substitute, so the overall strength of the team is still relatively strong. The Chinese women from Vietnam Asia Cup goal is to win the championship, continue to carry forward the spirit of women. (carefully)相关的主题文章: