The world’s first cattle farm is 2 meters high and weighs more than 2000

The world’s first cattle farm is 2 meters high and weighs more than 2000 pounds according to foreign media reports, Daniel live in the American state of California (Danniel) is currently the world’s largest cattle, it was 6 feet 4 inches (about 193 cm), weighs 2300 pounds (about 1035 kg), is four times the normal cows. This is a huge monster Holstein cows, living in California, Eureka (Eureka) of a farm. According to reports, every day to eat 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of hay, 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) of food, drink 100 gallons (378.5 liters) of water, and even 150 pounds (68 kilograms) of feces. Its owner Ken Farley (Ken Farley) said, the first time he took care of Daniel when it was born, when he noticed that it is stronger than buddy, eat and even put the bottle back from the hands of the breeder. Now, the Guinness record of the staff has been to Mr. Farley farm for measurement, officially recognized Daniel is the world’s largest cattle. Mr. Farley also said he plans on his farm to Daniel alone to build a fence, so that people can visit free. He explained: "Daniel is to be raised as pets, so it’s quite mild temperament, sometimes I think it is a bit like a big dog." Keep this before the Guinness world record is called Bly Arthur M (Blossom) head of cattle, it was 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm), living in Illinois, died in May 2015.

农场养世界第一大牛 高2米重2000多斤 据外媒报道,生活在美国加利福尼亚州的丹尼尔(Danniel)是目前世界上最大的牛,它身高6英尺4英寸(约193厘米),重达2300磅(约1035公斤),是正常奶牛的四倍。这只庞然大物是一头荷斯坦奶牛,生活在加利福尼亚州尤里卡(Eureka)的一座农场。据介绍,它每天要吃100磅(45公斤)的干草,15磅(6.8公斤)的粮食,喝100加仑(378.5升)的水,甚至产生150磅(68公斤)的粪便。它的主人肯-法利(Ken Farley)回忆说,他第一次照看丹尼尔时它才出生不久,那时他注意到它比小伙伴都要壮实,吃东西时甚至会把瓶子从饲养员手中抢过来。现在,吉尼斯纪录工作人员已经到法利先生的农场进行过测量,正式认定了丹尼尔是世界上最大的牛。法利先生还表示,他计划在自己的农场里给丹尼尔单独建一个围栏,让人们可以免费参观。 他解释说:“丹尼尔是作为宠物被养大的,所以它的气质相当温和,有时我觉得它有点像一只大狗。” 之前保持这一吉尼斯世界纪录的是一头叫做布莱瑟姆(Blossom)的牛,它身高6英尺2英寸(188厘米),生活在伊利诺伊州,2015年5月去世。相关的主题文章: