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This release: the former richest man who used to have been held for more than 23 years has nearly the oldest sina finance business legend Zhang Lei this morning, he was released from prison, the only designated agent Xia Zongwei early in the morning to go to Hubei Hongshan prison to meet. Who used the release means that lasted for nearly 19 years, during the trial, and the number of the number of delay, the ups and downs of the South case has finally come to an end. Xia Zongwei today issued a document, said that the release is the third time mr.. The first two held a total of 5 and a half years, this time for nearly 18 years, the total of more than three years in prison for more than 23 years. The first two were directly by the central leadership instructions can be reversed and this time is still in filing a retrial review procedures. The three detention is related to the party’s basic line." The focus of Ferdinand case, chairman of NEG before Mou Qizhong, who has a "China richest man" and "Chinese deceives" two titles. Started by 300 yuan, but he’s sharp jittery. Who used commercial awareness is advanced and lonely in the historical condition at that time, and three times in prison also let him have the ordinary people to understand the spiritual world. 2000 was sentenced to life imprisonment, due to good performance, he was commuted to imprisonment for 18 years. He has since today 70 years old, will open a new life. For 19 years to maintain a trial verdict Nande case back then, let mu in case again south into the line of sight. Neg and Chinese bank Hubei branch, Hubei light industry, Guiyang branch of Bank of communications of the letters of credit and guarantee dispute cases have caused great concern. Among them, the Hubei branch of the Bank of China Department of the plaintiff in the case, the Guiyang branch of Bank of communications, Hubei light industry group, South Department of the defendant in this case. Previously, a trial has ruled that there is no direct credit legal relationship between the plaintiff and neg. But the case twists and turns, has been being appealed. Since August 18, 1997, the high court of Hubei first public hearing, has been in the past 19 years; since March 29, 2004 postponed the trial has been in the past 12 years. In May 30, 2000, Wuhan City Intermediate People’s court sentenced the public verdict on the case, neg credit fraud charges, and the South Group Corporation he sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life. This is the criminal part of the case. The next day, the plaintiff Chinese bank Hubei branch said publicly, as in neg credit fraud in the loss of nearly 300 million yuan of the "victims", the case concluded after the civil lawsuit in accordance with law. In January 23, 2002, Hubei Province, Suizhou intermediate people’s Court of first instance verdict announced that all payments and additional China bank Hubei branch for credit interest are reimbursed by the Hubei light industry, Guiyang branch of Bank of communications joint liability; no direct credit legal relationship between the defendant and the plaintiff Chinese neg bank Hubei branch. Bank of communications Guiyang branch refused to accept the verdict, on February 5, 2002 appeal. Hubei Provincial Higher People’s Court on May 2002 27, again on the 28相关的主题文章: