Through the baby’s preferences for color can determine the character – Sohu maternal and child hamimelon

The baby of color preferences can determine the character of maternal child extreme love – Sohu for a certain color, his personality is generally more prominent, the general personality will become his advantages and disadvantages of the outbreak. Pinpoint the outbreak, mom and dad can better educate children. Pink – a girl who has a lot of attachment is pretty pink. If you find that your daughter likes pink, it means that the family’s economic conditions are good, but also represents the father and mother love each other very much. Under the protection of love, this girl has a high degree of aesthetic, very careful and gentle, which is the attraction of the child. 4 ~ 6 years old girl, there will be very hate pink people. For pink, hate it is particularly annoying, and like it, people want to use anything pink. A lot of evidence that the relationship between the father and mother love pink girl is very good, rely on their parents in the psychology, the size of things to mom and dad to help make their own decisions, standing in front of her shield. If Mom and dad improper baby shield, let her go to solve this problem, she will feel very happy, immediately began to cry. Green and blue – green and blue love hate competition of the kids are not love competition, especially green. Green love children, personality will be very cheerful, not what all have a very broad mind, there is a very strong curiosity, will be very positive. This type of person, who grew up in the salaried class, if you learn to persevere, you can also have a successful day, a lot of talented boys are more of this type. Of course, mom and dad will worry about the children love the green, is not representative of the child not riot and desire, the hope of a relationship without competition, harmony and the division of responsibilities in the world? Children in the face of competition after the challenge is not to choose to escape? Purple — over emotional love purple child with the above child on the contrary, the children encounter unhappy things will be silent in the heart of others, a look, a word tone, he will be placed for a long time, in the heart is very sensitive, if you change the attitude of his hair had a little that would make him a few days are not happy. Love purple boy is more than girls, it could explain why: first, successful artists in the world are generally more male; second, why there are so many boys love sulking. Sensitive girls will use tears to release pressure, boys were asked not to cry! To be strong! So I can’t get into a bad situation. If you notice that the little boy who likes purple is in a bad mood, do not criticize him, it is best to think about how to effectively ease his heart that is easy to hurt. Orange – vitality and arrogant orange favorite, more outgoing personality, like to make friends with others. If you like orange when you are young, you will find that you will always enjoy it. This type of creative, self centred, sometimes to be considerate to others, careless, naive to think there are相关的主题文章: