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Music Tim McGraw who born in the year 1967 and his date of birth is 1st May is not only an actor but also a singer and he is considered as a renowned country singer in United States. This singer has got many albums and single songs under his name and many of his work has achieved highest rankings and sales of the albums have gone up towards 50 million or more in the America and that really make this artist 9th bestselling and in singers his number is 4th best according to the surveys. McGraw has got the marriage relationship with another country singer namely Faith Hill and famous and former player of baseball Tug McGraw is his father. Tim McGraw Songs are really liked by the people and they are appreciated by them certainly by all means due to their great lyrics and extraordinary great voice as well. Many albums and songs have won recognitions certainly and due to this fact this artist as well as singer is enjoying great career certainly. McGraw has also played many roles in the acting mostly the supporting ones in Four Chrismases, the Kingdom and many others. He was also awarded and honored by National Italian American Foundation due to the Italian heritage of his grandfather and it was done in the year 2004. Tim McGraw My Best Friend is a song regarded as single and it was sung by Tim McGraw and this sing has really broken many records and .e on top of the charts including the chart of Hot Country Tracks and Singles. This was the third song of the Album namely A Place In The Sun. The main theme behind this song is that Tim McGraw is showing great emotions and feelings for an opposite sex woman and that woman is called his friend in fact the best friend. Overall critics have positive points and reviews regarding the song but some criticized that Tim needs to work hard. Some really appreciated the work of Tim as a vocalist and said that Tim has really converted the layers of high and strong emotions in to the best lyric in the song and that has really impressed people as well as the critics. The melody of the song was also proved to be great one and fans really find it great and steel guitar gave the perfect match with high amounts of other arrangements in the song. Tim McGraw Really deserves lot of credit in giving such great performance and melodies to the people that they really find it great to listen to them. There are many fans of Tim all around the world and especially in the United States and people really follow the Tim McGraw News both on the inter. as well as on the other mediums and that is the reason his albums are equally sold through all the mediums in large numbers. Tim McGraw really makes the songs according to the expectations of his lovers and fans and thats why he is immensely popular and successful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: