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Tong Dawei refused to "Hi Adam" "irresponsible" to teach nursing female heart – age 38 Grandpa entertainment Sohu Sohu the final version of the cross entertainment news by Tong Dawei, Michelle Chen starred in the eleven comedy movie blockbuster file decompression "Grandpa Christina 38" the upcoming November 11, 2016 national release. In the movie, Tong Dawei young have a daughter, daughter Michelle Chen also had a son in Figure two are old, and stand firmly into the ranks of the "early love". Recently, micro-blog launched the "Tong Dawei Tong Dawei remarks" section following the first phase of the "pressure" problem, and the upcoming second netizens talk about "love those things". The reality is the three adorable baby father Tong Dawei said, "no objection to her love, but to do protective measures!" "The happiness of a family union" Grandpa grandson "irresponsible" puppy love hot Tong Dawei: puppy love can lift the topic but not having children early after an enthusiastic response from the first phase of the "irresponsible" line, recently Tong Dawei in micro-blog released the second "irresponsible" topic collection: correct way to open early love. Called friends to share your "love those things". Collection less than an hour, immediately attracted a large number of users of fancy tucao". The netizen exposes the funny "puppy love too many times, until the parents approved love, has been disillusioned." Some netizens said "love age found Miss love!" There are a lot of friends crying said "don’t let the puppy love, but marriage", for this topic, Tong Dawei had earlier in the interview expressed their own views, that some parents today not to let their daughter in college love, a graduation he asked to marry immediately, "this approach is not reasonable, there is no love how do I know that this experience is not suitable for people!" In the "Grandpa Christina 38", Tong Dawei’s daughter Michelle Chen was underage when the mother. In the movie the daughter is not only love, but completely "zaoyu". In the future, but as the father of Tong Dawei is likely to face a potential crisis of her puppy love "". In this regard, Tong Dawei was "calm," he said and encourage their daughter love, "whether a boy or a girl, at least should be about three love, to see different people, know what kind of person is the most suitable for their own. But we must protect themselves, love can not have children." Tong Dawei also said that "ignorant of love is the most beautiful, she does not want to be missing in this area." Chao Grandpa and adorable grandson L "Hi Adam" no good! "Adorable dad Tong Dawei Qinshou nursing female customers," daughter "and" grandson "Michelle Chen Lv Yuncong" uninvited ", so that the original happy golden Bachelor Tong Dawei on the" enemy ", confusion. But, facing the "Hi Adam" topic, Tong Dawei admitted that he does not imagine He Zhiwu in the movie, so early "even jump" experience when Grandpa taste, "in the movie you still can, if life really brought a daughter grandson back, I think I might want to go the hospital for a while." In the film, Tong Dawei learns that women相关的主题文章: