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By fusing vibrational essences and essential oils we have created some of the finest and most enjoyable natural sprays in the world! The 8 Good Vibe Sprays are both aromas for enjoyment and emotional well being! The sprays are perfect as natural perfumes and they don"t have the cloying effect of synthetic products. Apply the Good Vibe Sprays by misting around the body or any room as desired to create a mood or ambiance. Wear these for their unique, exquisite and delicate fragrance. They are a pleasure to use as well as being a healing tool that changes the resonance around you. For healing, their action can be profound and they are a perfect complement to our tree flower essences for oral consumption. A team of women tested the fragrances for each spray. Only when there were sighs of delight and enjoyment were we certain that a fragrance was perfect. Like each of our essences, the sprays are handcrafted with love and care, giving them that something extra not found in assembly line products. Aura Cleansing Spray Creates an aura of personal protection and cleanses our energy field or physical space. Beauty Inside Out Spray Reminds us of our inner beauty and brings forth our self-confidence. We shine when we take care of ourselves. Creativity Spray Whether you are an artist, dancer, singer, musician or just want to give wings to your creativity, this spray will both inspire and help ignite your passion and imagination. Focus Spray Clears the cobwebs, heightens our sense of alertness and helps us to focus in our work or studies. Healing the Heart Spray Soothes and helps us heal wounds of the heart from break-up or loss. This is a gentle spray. We suggest using it with our Healing the Heart Tree Flower Essence. Past Lives Spray Imagine being able to open the doors of the psyche and access our past memories, talents, experience and knowledge. All our learnings and resources become available to us. Self Awareness Spray This Spray is designed to support our journey of self-discovery. The use of fragrances in the pursuit of inner knowledge is an ancient science. For thousands of years, fragrances have been used to invoke a sense of the sacred. Fused with our vibrational tree essences, flower remedy this spray deepens our self awareness. Soulmate Spray By raising your vibration and filling your energy field with feelings of love and friendliness this spray helps us to attract our Soulmates. This is a natural and deep yearning of our heart. The Soulmate Spray helps us to attract love and to find that very special person in our life, as well as new friendships. This spray heightens romance, play and enjoyment. All the Good Vibe Sprays are used externally to mist the body and around a physical space. They are gentle and safe, but avoid spraying them in the eyes. The Good Vibe Sprays are a great gift for a friend and can be a fun way to introduce them to the benefits of vibrational healing. Use the Good Vibe Sprays as often as you like. To learn more about the healing power of trees and to try our 8 Top Good Vibe Sprays and tree flower essences visit us at To oyur inner and outer beauty! Namast, Celine Cloutier (aka Ma Sunder Gulabo) Email: 相关的主题文章: