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UnCategorized Finding the perfect present for the new mom and the newborn is very necessary and never easy. Here are some great ideas for you to make the new arrival’s gift an instant hit! Personalized Baby Gift – It’s always a great idea to give away a personalize gift. You can choose the traditional soft baby blanket, baby pillow, teddy bear, bath robe, etc. by having the baby’s name embroidered on it. Also you can make a personalized picture frame or a special toy yourself. Soft plush toys decorated with large black and white geometrical patterns are perfect as a new baby gift. Babies prefer to look at high-contrast edges and patterns so toys in red and yellow colors will be loved. Personalized jewelry is an extravagant luxury baby gift that every parent will treasure. You can go to a jewelry store nearby to order a personalized baby bracelet, baby pearl bracelet, birthstone jewelry, cross necklace or a baby bangle that having the new person’s name marked on it. Lovely Baby Clothes If you go to a shop dealing in baby goods, you’ll find an exciting and rich assortment of baby clothes ranging in size from preemie through 6X. There maybe even offer seasonal items such as Halloween costumes and swimwear all year long as well as special occasion clothing for Christmas and christening gowns. Furthermore lovely and colorful sleepers and playwear outfits for infants and toddlers, boys and girls are also great selections. Gift Baskets Gift baskets are always welcome at showers or to celebrate the baby anytime! Don’t stick with the traditional- try a modern approach with these exciting ideas! – Blanket Buddies is an oversized, personalized blanket that is easy to carry, easy to clean, and always there when your child needs it. – Baby Diaper Cake contains a collection of essential and indispensable gifts for the newborn and gets its cake like look from disposable diapers. – Burt’s Bee Sampler which includes everything needed to give that sweet newborn a soothing bath. – Bundle of Joy is a delightful gathering of three milk bottles filled with mini-daisy bouquets and a creative way to express your congratulations. Baby Shower Gifts Baby gifts are definitely and important part of a baby shower, choos a special baby shower gift or centerpieces that are sure to steal the show, baby shower favors and personalized favors are great gift ideas, that’s unique and stylish for todays modern mom! Diaper cakes are always a hit and make great shower centerpieces. Gifts for Big Siblings of The New Baby The whole family is involved in welcoming the new bundle of joy so why not congratulate everyone in this happy time of celebration? A special gift will always be a hit with them. For New Mom – What better way to capture memories of the newest member of the family than a scrapbook? Buy the new mom a scrapbook set so she can begin to store memories from day one. Of course a piece of personalized mother jewelry for mom will be welcome. For Dad – A special book, keepsake, picture frame, gift baskets and a piece of sterling silver jewelry etc.. For Grandma and Grandpa – A brag book, picture frame, a personalized birthstone jewelry and of course are ok. For Older Siblings – You can choose a special style of "I’m the Big Brother" or "I’m the Big Sister" T-Shirt for the new baby’s big brother or big sister, that’s always an exciting baby gift for them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: