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The troops stationed in Macao into the Bodhi a-es – Macau – officers and representatives of some elderly photo and service center October 14 Macao Xinhua (reporter Su Ning) on behalf of the troops stationed in Macao deputy chief of staff Colonel Gao Zhijun and 19 soldiers, accompanied by Macao bureau director Huang Yanmei and social work staff, today entered the Taipa Bodhi a-es condolences to the elderly in Macao. To welcome the president of Bodhi Social Service Management Committee Shi Jianzhao, deputy chief of staff Zhijun high representative of the garrison soldiers said in his speech: "respect, love and help the elderly, help keep the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, as a garrison of the people’s army, I always keep in mind that in the nature of the purpose, love the motherland and Macao, resolutely safeguard the long-term prosperity and stability of Macao Macao, I sincerely wish a better tomorrow, wish you health and happiness of the elderly." On behalf of troops stationed in Macao for the elderly who offer elaborate female solo "blessing of Macao", Xinjiang dance "Happy Dance" and other exciting programs. The elders of the Bodhi integrated service center also performed a program, and with the officers and men together, singing the way of life, the scene warm atmosphere. The garrison to Bodhi a-es sends a basket, milk, cereal and other gifts, but also made a special trip to visit condolences for the elderly, to pay tribute to make contributions to the construction and development of Macao elderly. Officers and representatives of the staff and social workers visited the service center facilities, and discussed with the staff. The Macao garrison stationed in Macao in the past 17 years, held a number of military barracks open, youth summer camp and other activities, the officers and soldiers actively participate in Macao comfort to old and young blood donation, donations, planting trees and other public activities, the Macao compatriots won widespread praise.   (commissioning editor: Liu Jieyan, Liu Juntao)相关的主题文章: