Trump had a large loan to the bank to be elected president or present conflicts of interest

Mr Trump owes the bank a large loan to the president or the current conflict of interest: when the president’s richest man, Mr Trump, should deal with his business? Trump, Fifth Avenue in New York, Trumpt tower. Source: AFP throughout American history, there has never been a president like Trump (Donald Trump) so rich. As a net worth of billions of dollars, there’s hundreds of enterprises in the big spender, he officially became president, before the conflict how to handle their own business and the interests of the state, is very interesting. According to the "Forbes" estimates, as of November 14th, Trone Pujing assets of $3 billion 700 million, ranked 156th in the nation’s richest. Trump never denied that say they are "very, very wealthy," declared that "if I call five people in Trumpt tower, tell them I need 2 billion dollars. I’ll get the check in 10 minutes." Trump Trump’s enterprise group (Trump Organization) is a private comprehensive enterprise group, in a total of more than and 500 subsidiaries worldwide, including real estate, construction, hotels, entertainment, media, books and magazines, such as golf courses. The group’s website shows that Trump is currently chairman and CEO of the group. After Trump became president of the United States, the complexity of these businesses inevitably bring concerns about conflicts of interest. Possible conflicts of interest have failed against the clean energy. Last year, the government of Scotland in the area of Trump golf course built near a wind power plant, was opposed by Trump, he took the government to court, the reason is the wind power plant will destroy the local scenery, but the British court rejected his claim. Trump group has a large number of overseas business. Including in Dubai, Ireland and Scotland golf course in Turkey; Istanbul, Panama, South Korea, Seoul, the capital city of Panama, India Mumbai, Brazil Rio De Janeiro and other foreign city hotels and real estate projects, these are likely to be affected by the foreign policy of the United states. Large loans owed to foreign banks. Trump also borrowed large sums of money from foreign banks, which are the object of government regulation. His biggest creditor of Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) is currently on mortgage securities business trying to reach a settlement with the U.S. Department of justice talks. Trump estimates that at least $630 million of debt is currently available, and about half of them are from Deutsche bank. The pending lawsuit. Trump in the American judicial system still has many outstanding lawsuits, Bloomberg statistics found that since 2000, Trump has been charged more than 1300 times, including litigation related to Trump University recently striking, in addition to many lawsuits in the middle. Have a lease with the government. Just a few blocks from the White House, Trump’s new luxury hotel has just opened in September. The name is Trump international hotel five star luxury hotel by Washington landmarks — one of the old post office into the United States Congress bell hanging in the face相关的主题文章: