Try A Great Classic Line Runner Game With Mind-blowing Action And Awesome Graphics!-brock lesnar

Games Alien Pig vs Robots, is a classic line runner game ( ) with mind-blowing action and awesome graphics. It’s the year 2500 and you are about to land on the abandoned planet earth. The Zombie apocalypse happened long time ago wiping out the human population. Then eventually, the Zombies died because there weren’t any more brains left to eat. The planet is filled with crazy robots ( ), with only one objective – search and destroy! And yes, there’s also tons of gold. Your goal is to help the pig dodge bullets, and shoot turrets while collecting as much gold as possible. The game controls are very easy. In fact there is only one control! Just tap to make the pig jump, and release to let it fall. The more you press, the longer the jump is going to be. But beware you’ve only got three jumps before you fall. If you do not time your jumps ( ) properly, you might fall from the turrets and die. With a jetpack, and a crazy bunch of weapons to shoot, there is nothing to stop you. Shoot and hit turrets by jumping on them. Try to avoid getting hit by bullets, so your health meter doesn’t run out. Run from rockets, as they can damage you severely. Upgrade options can be found in the armory, but you will need to collect plenty of gold first! There are 6 different upgrade options available, including 3 weapons with 7 levels each. You can upgrade your health, armor, and fly time. The 3 weapons included are a marine gun, shotgun, and a machine gun. Alien pig vs Robots also gives you the chance of fighting rare, in-game bosses. There are 3 in Game bosses and each of them has a different tactic to kill you. The bosses will be the hardest challenge you will face. Even thought the game controls are easy, the game itself is very challenging and also plenty of fun. Alien pig also has great sound effects with realistic explosions. It’s a fun shooter game ( ) with addictive game play that will keep you entertained for hours. Features: – 3 in game bosses with different tactics to kill – 6 different updates including 3 weapons with 7 levels each – Easy game controls – Awesome graphics and realistic explosions – Addictive gameplay About the Author: 相关的主题文章: