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Two B+ level car leader, in terms of security has made a new generation lacrosse and a new generation of MAGOTAN car – the same thing recently listed Sohu attracted a lot of attention. Two models with a larger size, better quality and a more luxurious and comprehensive configuration blur the boundaries of the B class and C class cars, B+ class market segments to become the most representative of the two models. But few people mention how these two cars in the safety performance, today let’s talk about the two B+ leaders in terms of security has made what changes. Buick new LaCrosse general EpsilonII platform based on the advantages of the new platform, the official is lightweight body, more safety body structure, more dynamic driving experience. New generation Lacrosse vehicle lost 200 kg, more safety and energy saving. A new step based on MQB-B platform, officially announced the advantages of lightweight design, can carry more innovation and technology. The MQB-B platform enables a new generation of MAGOTAN vehicle total weight 85 kg, at the same time, the rigid body has been further improved. For the B+ class car, this car two new upgrade models reflects the obvious similarities: light weight to reduce fuel consumption and improve handling and application of new materials and new technology to improve the passive safety, the application of technology to improve the active safety, we may wish to look at how the two new B+ class car specific performance in terms of security. Passive safety and enhance the lacrosse MAGOTAN lightweight features each one has its own merits of MQB-B platform based on a new generation of MAGOTAN, weight 85 kg, and the lightweight design, the new geometry at the same time, the use of new materials, more convenient and safer. A new generation of MAGOTAN body weight reduced architecture at the same time, using new materials to enhance the strength and stiffness, increase the proportion of new materials of ultra high strength steel and high strength steel hot forming in automotive body design, forming a new generation of MAGOTAN steel used was the increase in the proportion of 11% based on the original car type and as high as 27%. More than 80% of the body is made of high strength steel plate, super high strength steel plate and super high heat forming steel plate. The application of hot formed steel plate can improve the performance of the body and reduce the weight of the body, and the application area is the main force area of the front and side impact, which has a great influence on the passive safety of the vehicle body. A new generation of MAGOTAN body strength analysis of new generation Lacrosse for lightweight and safety work in more detail. The computer topology and collision test for more than months, the vehicle weight kg, bring the vehicle safety, stability, vibration and noise suppression performance and improve the fuel economy of. Buick new LaCrosse body structure of a new generation of Buick Lacrosse body strength distribution of a large number of test and calculation, given the obvious improvement of the new generation of lacrosse, using the ratio of high strength materials up to 75%, this part of a new generation of MAGOTAN is lower than 80%, but the proportion of ultra high strength steel rare to reach 41%, this is not MAGOTAN expressed, but from the two sides of stress analysis chart, a new generation of lacrosse strength and stiffness is higher..相关的主题文章: