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Typhoon did not come to Sanya, how do you play? Sohu – tourism is actually a lot of people by the sudden typhoon Meranti, malakas changed the itinerary as changed my original plan is the same. So when the Southeast Asia and Taiwan as affected by typhoons can not go to Sanya, this time it is not the best choice? Recommended accommodation: Sanya Huayu travel limited Yalong Bay Yingbin Hotel, located in the Yalong Bay National Resort District Center Hotel on the south side is the center of Yalong Bay square, 26.8 meters high of the totem pole proudly standing in front, is the highest point of the square, is also the symbol of Yalong Bay tourism center. Hotel white color, make the whole vacation with a cool feeling, and as the only Yalong Bay sea seafood buffet, with children playing at the paradise hotel offers a children’s playground, is well-equipped, peace of mind, from the beginning of the holiday. Address: Hainan province Sanya city China Yalong Bay National Resort District in addition to accommodation, specially to recommend a willing to spend a few days in place, and in order to avoid the impact of wind and rain are not caused by the typhoon, maybe it should be the best choice. Sanya eternal love for the Songcheng group in the grand launch of Sanya local tourism brand, since the opening has been a lot of people’s praise, even for the majority of people come here, how attractive it? Little known here for, but few actually understand play here has been sustainable, if it’s raining for two or three consecutive days, is not easy to go to other places, so why not choose to play through the attraction? The reason why Sanya eternal love contains the eternal love theater, wave wave water park, zoo, color world of ice and snow four spots again, then choose a place to play while the 2-3 tour, but to experience different feeling, all the year round in such a place that the one and only in Sanya. Sanya is located in the Sanya Songcheng world of ice and snow in Songcheng Tourism District, mainly by the Nordic country town, the phantom of the opera, ice skating, ice, ice viewing area, play snow area, great experience of Rainbow Night. Sanya Songcheng color zoo, zoo has African lion, giraffe, deer, zebra, pony, alpaca, raccoon, petauristidae and thin tail? Peacock, flamingo, African crowned crane, EMU, Ramphastos tucanus, hornbill, red and green Macaws, chameleon and other dozens of animal, visitors can fully experience the human and animal close contact. Sanya eternal scene area covered with dense forests and flowers, a large dance "Sanya eternal love", the South China sea goddess square, totem Road, Yazhou City, Love Valley, science and Technology Museum, Li Miao village, recreation, painting, swimming area, snack Plaza, six rooms of Songcheng square, ghost cry etc.. Go on the road, there are always beautiful guy after a flash, surprises, which, as the theatre classic, Sanya eternal love, is a blend of Sanya thousand years of development history, and a combination of a solid performance giant screen, is looked after memories again and again, I相关的主题文章: