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Analysis: the Champions League home court advantage to help Monaco sit and hope to win the Sohu SMG football Tuesday’s Champions League: Monaco VS Leverkusen game time: 2016-09-28 Wednesday morning 02:45 Europe Index 2.15 3.40 3.25 1.05 0.83 half asian handicap: Monaco team last season ranked third in the league, to participate in the Champions League playoff team, in addition Saizhonglianke Fenerbahce strong and Villarreal to qualify for the Champions League group phase. Monaco in the Champions League group phase the first visit to the Premier League giants Tottenham striker Silva and Lima midfielder, with the goal to score 2-1 victory over the opponent, made the Champions League opener. Monaco in the new season, both the Champions League or the League played very well, with the Champions League, the new season, 12 games lost only 2 games playing 1 games, won a full 9 games, so this battle will steady state home court is expected to again win. Leverkusen last season ranked third in the league, and Champions League qualifying in the group phase, the first round of the game, home court against CSKA Moscow, advanced two ball case opponents Lianban two goals at home court opponents 2-2 unfortunately missed opportunities and a good start. Leverkusen in the new season, the state is very unstable, the league has only made 2 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses, but the team’s recent defense is worse. This battle guest strong Monaco, I am afraid it is difficult to achieve the desired record. Analysis of the ball game: the game BET365, 2.15-3.40-3.25 disc compensate open, most out of chupan Lord let deuce high water starting hemisphere, the consensus is that Monaco has a home court advantage, the strength will be dominant, but the disc open deuce high water becomes Monaco let hemisphere more reluctant to step. Note by the BET365 day instant adjustment of 2.30-3.40-3.00, the disc handicap unchanged, the water level change is not big, the change can be seen from Europe began to weaken confidence in Monaco. From a fundamental point of view, the recent Monaco strong, while Leverkusen and Monaco had the performance is more volatile, in the group phase in the UEFA Champions League double over the opponent, trailing the advantage, this battle will chance unbeaten home court. SMG football recommended: 31 asian handicap recommended: Monaco football scores recommended: 2:1, 3:1相关的主题文章: