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Used car industry profit margins decline, what are the factors? – Sohu automotive industry in the past two or three years, the industry has become more concerned about the profitability of the used car industry. Since the State Council on the active second-hand car market after the introduction of relevant policies, policies to the direction of good development, the second-hand car market environment has improved, the profit margins of the used car industry has declined. In November 1st, China Automobile Dealers Association monthly analysis of the situation, the Association Deputy Secretary General Shen Rong said that the second-hand car market profit margin dropped from 13% to 6% – 7%. To some extent, the profit margin reflects the overall operating condition and level of an industry. Shen Rong said: "the feedback from our observation and market research in the case of second-hand car market profit rate actually declined". What are the factors that affect the profitability of used cars? Profit margins decline, it should be said that with the development of the industry. Prior to this, a lot of people for the basic evaluation of second-hand car industry is "covered sell", then the industry profit margins are relatively high, it is not difficult to see that this high profit and "Mongolia sell" business environment not unrelated. But this kind of environment is disadvantageous to the consumers and the whole market. In recent years, the transparency of information has gradually become a common topic in the used car market. Why should the information be transparent? The purpose is to allow the return level of the used car industry to a reasonable interval, which plays an important role in promoting the healthy development of the used car industry. At present, "second-hand car valuation tool, really let the buyers and sellers of information transparency, the buyer can quickly find the vehicle market price through the valuation tools, so that you will not buy again, sellers profit rate dropped to a reasonable interval, this is an important manifestation of normal second-hand car market towards a standardized way the. Secondly, before the second-hand car business scale is limited, especially in 2010, the second-hand car trading is very fragmented, basically belong to the "basket store", mainly in the retail business as the main way, not the size of the main body participation. But the recent second-hand car industry has changed, the first, the emergence of B2B, accelerate the circulation industry; second industry, the scale of business has a certain degree of progress, this progress is reflected in two aspects, one is the second-hand car, second-hand car operators from a single original brokerage company, to increase the second-hand car business, second-hand car company, is the brand management company, there is a 4S shop as the representative of the new dealers to join, making the industry in improving labor productivity. The promotion of labor productivity, objectively reduce the cost of business services. The result of lower costs, so that second-hand car prices have greater room for maneuver. The second-hand car prices continue to decline, with the market supply and demand, changes in supply and demand, the second-hand car industry in the past rely on formed in the information asymmetry and some monopoly unreasonable profit levels return to a rational interval. Therefore, the market structure changes, causing a series of phenomena, the final impact of two a相关的主题文章: