Used car market trading volume over ten million is not a dream – Sohu car aspack

The second-hand car market trading volume of over 10 million is not a dream – Sohu China automobile industry news reporter Guo Yu "simply rely on policy support and maintain the market, I’m afraid I can’t long before," announced in the second-hand car market in September data bulletin, Deputy Secretary General of China automobile association long Shen Rong directly throws this view. He said that after the introduction of the eight countries, the second-hand car market gradually get rid of dependence on the policy, market-oriented, and gradually return to rational, the reality of the current market situation. In September 2016, the second-hand car data is very brisk, the second-hand car market trading volume of 893 thousand vehicles in the first 8 months did not appear two digit growth, September monthly trading volume rose to 13.95%. Second hand car market boom Shen Rong admitted that in September the performance of the used car market is expected, for the entire industry is gratifying. If we used car trading growth compared with the same period last year to reach 8%, then the total size of the used car transactions will enter the era of ten million. China Automobile Dealers Association data show that in September 2016, the national second-hand car market turnover of 51 billion 343 million yuan, an increase of 2.90%. As of the end of September 2016, the cumulative trading volume of 7 million 392 thousand, the cumulative increase of 7.37%. 2016 cumulative turnover reached 424 billion 108 million yuan in the first quarter of three. In October 2016, the second-hand car managers index was 52.4%, in the dry line, the market for the better. Survey shows that October is the second-hand car market trading season, as the country gradually release the relocation policy, plus eleven holidays, second-hand car market demand growth, to a certain extent promoted the market transactions in October. From the regional perspective, the eastern region is currently the second-hand car market activity of the highest regional trading, accounting for 1/3 of the total market, continue to be in the leading position. As a traditional active area of second-hand car trading, the overall share of Guangdong reached 20.38%, nearly 20% of North China, other regions have fluctuations. But overall, the current second-hand car market as a whole is still active in economically developed areas based on the eastern, East and South occupy the market half of the country. Shen Rong repeatedly called for the transfer of second-hand vehicles across the region, said the car from the distribution of the age of the transaction, 3 to 6 years of nearly half of the model, the overall aging of the used car will shorten. From the automotive emission standards, will show more than four of the country’s car as the main pattern. If the country’s policies can be implemented in accordance with the basic guiding ideology of the eight countries, the future of cross regional transfer of second-hand cars will not be blocked. In that case, the formation of second-hand car cross regional circulation and the overall trend of the country’s large circulation pattern is not far away. In addition, in September 2016 the country’s membership ratio was 24.60%, a slight increase over last month. October, the highest proportion of Beijing to 47.78%, the lowest proportion of transferred to Tibet, less than 1%. Shen Rong once again hope that the future will be able to turn more and more relaxed environment, so that the proportion of transferred to a more.相关的主题文章: