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Health Vitamins are diverse in nature and are organic substances contained in the food and drink we consume. They are essential for the preservation of life and promotion of growth. A shortage of an important vitamin in our diet can lead to poor health and disease. Vitamins perform a different function to that of carbohydrates, fats and proteins but collectively they are all important ingredients of our diet. Many diseases are prevented by our body absorbing vitamins in the correct quantities. They help keep our essential organs such as heart, lungs and liver healthy. Vitamins help maintain strong and healthy bones, teeth, muscle and all the parts that make up the physical structure of our bodies, including skin, blood vessels and arteries. Even the function of our brain is reliant on the right levels of vitamins being maintained in our body. Vitamins also help with the prevention of cancer. If we eat a healthy balanced diet then the body will absorb most if not all of the essential vitamins it needs. Unfortunately, with modern lifestyles and eating habits, we do not always get the right vitamins in the correct quantities. It then necessary to look at vitamin supplements to make up the shortfall in our bodies requirements. This article is only intended to give an overview of vitamins and their importance. We should all be aware of the essential vitamins and the amount of each we should consume in our normal diet or as supplements where our normal diet is deficient. Too much of any particular vitamin is not usually a problem since the body will automatically reject the excess in our urine, particularly those vitamins which are water soluble. Some vitamins are fat soluble and the body does not necessarily deal with excess amounts in the same way, so we need to monitor those more carefully. However, it is the deficiency of vitamins which is of main concern because our body cannot absorb what is not there. We should make ourselves aware of the important vitamins, the minimum and in some cases the maximum daily intake and the signs to look for in our health which would indicate a vitamin deficiency. If we are under medication from a doctor then that can affect the balance of vitamins required in which case we should seek the advice of our doctor. Otherwise it is up to us to educate ourselves and monitor our own health. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: